Savegame disappeared

Please explain?

I am at the point now where I’m replaying missions to the point they’re easy, but I’m not progressing anymore.
The game says check points saved, I save and quit to main menu. When I try to load, it sends me back to some random check point hours ago.

I re-installed the game, run as administrator. Next I’m going to try offline without cloud.

I’m playing game pass. Help

Same here! Playing with Xbox game pass, all savegames disappeared.
This is frustrating!

I sent a ticket in for bugs, but haven’t received any indication of acknowledgement. I ended up losing my save game and had to start over from the beginning.

I lost interest for now.

Just happened to me, so it hasn’t been fixed. Tried rebooting my computer, running as admin, but it’s gone. Nearly finished the game too, not cool

this is still happening on xbox game pass, saved game disappears everytime i quit the game