Save file location?

I know the game runs on auto save but I just read a post from @TC_Octus advising not to constantly reload a save file as it may corrupt it, losing all your progress with it.

I experienced the save corrupt issue on Darksiders 3 (PC) which also runs an auto save system and the only fix was to manually replace a save file previously copied to another folder, plus you had to get one from someone else if yours was already corrupted. Not a pleasant experience.

I would most definitely like to avoid missing all my progress without a backup, does anyone know the location of the save file?

EDIT: @UFOylzj found the location for the steam version, does anybody know the location for the windows store version?

I found my save files at E:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\43870359\1184050\remote.
So your save files should be located at your steam folder\userdata\user id\1184050\remote

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Thanks for the reply, forgot to mention I’m running the windows store version.

Will send a request most likely but your input will help those playing on steam.


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Thanks for replying, but not sure what I’m looking at. Several folders similarly named under “packages” have the same 8 folders inside and most are either empty or have some unidentifiable file name.

Is it 1 specific file or a group of them and folders?

Copy the whole folder.

I used them as backup for my insane Ironman run

Will do. Thanks a lot, you gave me peace of mind.

Does anybody have a solution for the awful awful microsoft permission thing? I changed myself to the owner of the files (Heck, I thought I owned my PC - I guess not)

Even though Ive done this the files still come up with a bunch of errors, it still restored the save just about. I can imagine it might become corrupt though

I copied the folder just fine to another HDD, haven’t tried to replace the original files yet. Message @DriZzT1987, maybe he can help you.

This seems to be a real and present danger. Went to load up the game tonight, my save game is completely gone. I think I was on deep into Act 3, but I guess my only choice now is to restart. All those 22 gears I lovingly customized, just gone…War, war never changes.

I feel for you man, it’s always hard to lose gears on the battlefield.

I haven’t had a problem yet but cases like yours are piling up (saw some on steam forums) so I’m gonna submit a ticket requesting for a manual save option, maybe they’ll do it or maybe they won’t but it certainly won’t hurt to try.

Two decades ago no developer would dream of making a game without a manual save option but now it turns we have the opposite: auto saves and updates everywhere with no chance to make a backup.

I agree about the save points. I’m not sure if this is related to me playing it via Game Pass or not. Also I am unsure if I was auto updated with that latest patch. I guess if I was auto updated it may explain my missing save game.

Honestly I am only a little annoyed at losing the save game, I was having so much fun I was worrying I was going through the story too fast…starting over is only partially sad for me

I got this from the new Community Manager as a way to make a copy of the save file in order to submit a ticket.