Savage theron pack

This won’t be acknowledged by TC, as many people have wanted to see this character, the probably only reason why is because they are working mainly on GOW 5.

Coming soon in theaters. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I wouldn’t rule it out though. I reckon TC intend to keep supporting the game with new content and game mode events until at least early 2019.

I say that cos the eSports pro circuit schedule goes on into winter 2019 - so Feb-Mar 2019 so there will be another tournament then. And the best way for TC to promote the eSports scene is to keep supporting the game. Also there’s money tk be made via the mega packs.

Although the rate of new packs has slowed, I reckon we’ll get a new pack roughly every month, with perhaps two packs during the months we have five Fridays. That makes another 7-8 packs to come. That could be around 12-16 characters depending on how many characters per pack.

We’re not gonna get all of the old fan favourites. Some will prove too difficult or costly such as Jace (given how Michael B Jordan is working on bigger things). However it’s strongly hinted that were getting Lambent Locusts later this month which is new stuff and shows that TC are still actively supporting the game. Also if you Google or search kn Youtube Vold Karn, you’ll come across some very strong evidence indicating that Karn is coming in a gear pack soon too. TC don’t have to be reading everything on these forums to know what the fans want. They have fans communicating with them everyday in other ways. When it comes to new characters they will balance what is requested by fans with time and effort needed, and cost of creating it.