Savage Theron helmet…

Which is preferred to you guys? Personally, both the helmet slit version and the beaked shaped helmet are both my fav, as savage Theron is one of the beloved characters int he series

The Therons all look the same to me. They’re big obscure targets that make weird snake sounds.
Someone posted this like 3 years ago though If anyone is curious on the difference

D probably looks the best imo.
Palace Guard is cool too but they suffer from being giants.

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I like A but it’s D for me.

I also love the Palace Guard. The Black Steel Palace Guard was beautiful but I agree with this:

Didn’t stop me using them and the General from time to time.

…it’s not weird snake sounds either you insssssolent fiend!

A is the best, don’t even attempt to argue with me.

C is the best because I always thought it looked like a hood and I appreciated how it made the Theron looked more like they were in a cult.

Theron is also best Locust. These are just the facts.

They are! Savage Theron, theron sentinel and Theron elite are just three of the all time favourites in the gears of war series