Savage Locust Vs Swarm

Who would win in an all out war between the Savage Locust and the Swarm of Gears 4 and 5.
Infantry units only, no beasts. Including berserkers and sires.

The swarm. Better communication through the connection with the hive, and easier for them to reproduce with podding people. Though weirdly the swarm of 5 has like ZERO tactics, with grenadiers just walking straight at you with no cover. And they have no real innovation with artillery like the locust. Still say swarm though, communication is key haha

I’d say savage locust actually. Communication isn’t going to do much when they’re getting shredded by oneshots and having savage therons rushing them with clevers to keep them out of cover. Also if that doesn’t finish the swarm, then a savage drone with a mortar definitely would.

The Crocodile monsters would destroy the Bacon monsters.

The Queen would demand it!

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