SAT-11/23 Horde Invite- Lets Play with Hu1k Daddy

Hey Gears!

I just wanted to say that I’m looking for some people to play with and get some of these DLC char upgraded.

With the 4XP Horde event coming this weekend, if any one would like to join up. It would be fun and welcome.

Just need to have a Mic or able to Text in game quickly.

Other than this, if you would like get together, have some fun and level some Hero’s. Let’s do it!

Start time will be 8am EST to 2pm EST.

Just add me on the Friends List. (Name is same in game as here)

Hope to see you there.


I’m interested :+1:

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count me in man . = )

what difficulty are we going to play man ?

Hey dude,

Well I’ll kinda just leave it up to everyone who joins.

Maybe advanced or Elite would work?

But hey look forward to seeing you there!

Should be some good fun.

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sounds great man , any difficulty you like. . let just hope for a good Del to help us.

Excellent Ill add you on my friends list and play.

Thanks man .

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Awesome hope to see you there👍

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I’ve played with @D_A_N_III_3_L too. He’s a fellow competent horde player :muscle:

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you too man I remember we played on port it was damn insane man… thanks for the kudos. Ill look for you once again to play.

Thanks Huge.

:metal: :


I’ll play…I’ll be Jack.

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I’ve added you to my friends list, looking to get Jack & Fahz from level 17 to level 18 as quickly as possible so will be taking advantage of the 4 x XP this weekend (assuming the servers can hold up :joy:).

If you need someone to fill up the lobby then send me an invite.

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Hit me up. “Bleeding Pepper”.

I’m a UK player (so you know for timezone reasons, as well as possible cultural references).

I may be horribly hungover as my dodgeball league Christmas party is the night before. If I’m not dead or dying, then I’m totally game.

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Oh I’m totally inviting you. Just be easy on the swears in case my son decides to play lol :slight_smile:

Is this the real or fake Hulk Daddy?

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Hey Clown,

Appreciate you looking out. Its the real one :slight_smile: or me I guess. lol

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I believe Dave this is the real @Hu1k_Daddy , are you going to join us to play something insane on horde man ? :smile:

He must be the same person that creates the guides for the characters on horde.

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Nah. Again, not a horde guy. Was just curious which Hulk Daddy made this thread

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I hope that’s not how you perceive all Brits?

Or is it just me?

Wasn’t that “Bulk Daddy”?

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Not at all :slight_smile:

I really just wanted to invite you. :+1:

@Hu1k_Daddy its going to have an multi-cultural team ( a Brit @Bleeding_Pepper , a Mexican @D_A_N_III_3_L) jajajajaja LOL