SASXSH4DOWZ went back to gears 4

In his recent stream he says he’s done with gears 5 and is playing gears 4 again says alot


Seriously though, don’t know who he is. Is he an influencer/streamer or part of esports?


He’s well known to gears


Ah I see. Don’t watch streams nor follow esports. That’s a shame that he moved back to an older game but I don’t blame him neither.


Many famous players are on gears 1 or 4 realistically. But I don’t keep up with that crap either, everyone should still know moomoo and sas

Not really. He’s a fan like any one of us. He just happens to be a streamer, and that doesn’t make his opinion and feelings for the game anymore valid than anyone else.


Rather move forward than backward.

It’s not like they gonna update Gears 4 with more skins? It’s a done game.


Don’t know who moomoo is either and I been around since the first. Like I said, don’t follow any of that stuff, to the point where it’s easier for me to recognize forum members from the old forums at Epic than the current pros/streamers.


I’m okay with playing both tbh, I’m having decent fun with both. 4 just has the characters/content I need. :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, I’m not slagging off streamers. Just stating that as far as I’m concerned, their opinions have very limited ability to influence others despite their audience.

The key thing we need to remember is that fans of SASX Shadowz or other GOW streamers only became fans via GOW. Ergo they are GOW fans first and foremost. That in itself limits the streamer’s influence because the vast majority of fans will have already played the game already.

I’m sure people will agree with SASX Shadowz, but it’s more a case of them just coincidently agreeing on this point rather than leading viewers to this same conclusion.

Basically streaming is very different to how more formal reviewing outlets work, who reach a wider audience because they tend to cover a particular form of media more widely - video game magazines or websites; Empire magazine; Pitchfork (for music) etc. The fact that SASX Shadowz is dropping GOW5 is on the whole, pretty unimportant as far as I’m concerned.

Also, being the cynic that I am, and this comes from me knowing little about SASX Shadowz, but if streamers make something of a living from their streams, then surely this is shooting yourself in the foot? He’s gonna have to find something else to make videos about, because there won’t be much to do around GOW4! I suspect he will be back on GOW5 at some point.


Guy has a trashy attitude, but I don’t blame him.


Who the hell is that guy.


Can you show me where he said this?

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He won’t be able too lol.

I skipped judgment and gears 4…how much did I miss?

You missed the best Gears games ever.

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Tell that to Gears 5


Fock it I’m going back to judgment!!!
Anyone can gift me a judgment code?

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I might return to Gears 1UE exclusivly until ToD 2 drops…
SCREW Gears 4 and Gears 5 in it’s current state

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