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Sarah o connor skill cards don't work

I have Sarah o connor shot gun skill card to 170% and it doesn’t do anything. Anyone else having that problem? The ammo card doesn’t work either. That card is what she is about. No shot gun card she is useless.

Neither does the rest of the Terminator squad or Halo work for Gears. Two different universes forced upon us by The Coalition or Microsoft.
Gears is Gears. I would like to see the return of Sophia, but we get these instead.

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Second worst character in the game.

Is that the Irish version of Sarah Conor? :joy:


Its the new st Patrick day skin…

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I see a Terminator or Halo character I leave lobbies immediately and if they join my hosted HOrde games they not staying lolol

Maybe it got… TERMINATED! :sunglasses:

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good … I hate any horde or escape she is in … that voice grates

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Emile is excellent in escape

The card does work, but are you under the impression that it adds damage? Stopping power is a term in gears that does not refer to damage but instead to the ability of gunfire to reduce the movement/action speed of enemies. Try spamming something with an overkill/gnasher/claw with her. She staggers enemies much easier than most characters with that card, which can be all you need in many situations to prevail!!

Also synchronizes well with her ult, which by the way was buffed to allow executions. So now you can walk around 1 shotting enemies into an execution. Or sit back and stun while a forward teammate does so.

All in all she is built around CC, and the stopping power card is basically her ult in lite-form. but always active, and with no execution oppurtunity. Still extremely useful for flying enemies- i.e. guardians, sentinels, bastions. She will stagger them in the air extremely easily on most guns.

I disagree completely. She is quite capable of stun locking most bosses, either with flashes or the ult (Depending on whether it is a boss which the ult can apply to, I don’t have a specific list atm, but some work and some don’t.)

Her frag grenades are nearly as effective as jd or keegans via her ability to hold 7, and their increased damage/radius. Lets do some small math.

JD/Keegan get a 50% bleed for 5 ticks, so 2.5x extra damage, or +250%
Sarah conner gets 100%, thats almost halfway to their boost, and on top of that to compensate she has 100% radius. Now at first glance this seems like a rather fancy but useless upside, however, upon application you will find that this radius is quite effective.

Hitting larger groups of enemies, hitting guardians/sentinels (Which will frequently blow out the shield/stagger it), Hitting multiple if not all of the swarmaks blisters at once!!! she can grenade spam kill swarmaks this way! (Or flash spam it, with 7 flashes, a great tactic for swarmaks in a pinch), take out bastions with random throws, etc. The radius is a seriously underestimated upside to her frag card.

With a salvo, she can spam 40 off and rotate for quite effective damage throughout a round, or merely locking down a flying enemy/bastion/boss.

As said above, the stopping power is also a greatly underestimated card.

All in all I would place her 4th to last on equal footing with cog gear as the 5th member of the team, if not even a main damage dealer with the salvo locker running full steam. (3rd/2nd/1st worst being Mac in current form, lahni in current form, and lastly grace. - horde only of course, mac/lahni are still top tier in escape, where sarah is much less useful, but not at all a bad character when these strengths are applied.)

@Timmy_Gun_88 I’m sure you could shed some light on sarah conner a bit better than me?


No no no not her cards or capabilities. Her dialogue lol

Ah, I wouldn’t know. I play with the sound off due to the leeches sound effects being - warning - unnerving information contained within: literal recordings of pig slaughter wailings.

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I agree completely. Well said.

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Yeah good info in this thread. I enjoy playing with her, her grenade skills are awesome. She is one of those characters that has a higher learning curve than others. Her ultimate is cool too.

That sheds some light thanks for that information. Yes I assumed it meant damage. The frag grenades are savage. I’ve had a few games recently on insane and had good runs. As someone else mentioned she has a learning curve and I haven’t got there yet. When the card for 170% damage dropped I thought I could pop grubs for fun. I’ll RE assess my tactics based on that knowledge. How should the increased ammo card work? When I assign that card I see no additional ammo capacity. Would be really handy for the boltok. Playing one level yesterday Jack dropped a Lancer GL right next to me. Thanks Jack! I swapped it for my piece of junk. Compared to Sarah’s rusty, old and broken junk that Lancer was like a laser beam. It was much more powerful, fired straight as an arrow and the active reload minces things. I’m guessing it was fully ramped up from one of the other characters and they swapped it for a claw or whatever.

The thing about sarah’s ammo card is that it only applies to heavy weapons with an ammo capacity. Specifically only the salvo and buzzkill.

Your main fire mode for sarah should be unloading the 40 rockets in the salvo in your hands, and swapping to the next to unload 40 more at a locker! Rinse repeat!

She’s got quite the offensive capability considering she can spam the salvo constantly, unlike any other character. The lockers typically reload fast enough for only sarah to go around the 4 slots and have the 1st salvo back to full by the end of the 4th’s ammo. Due to her 40 rockets.

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Yes I think you covered a lot there. Another awesome character that I wish people would open their minds to!

Salvo spam is very strong, as you explained. Staggering enemies frequently, finishing downed foes, and dealing widespread splash damage.

Grenade capacity is excellent as usual. Along, with the boosted radius, you can easily make yourself very useful incapacitating key targets with flashes or shocks.

With Follow Up (gold card) you recharge your Ultimate very quickly just buy spamming a shotgun. Combined with the Tank passive ability, her Ultimate is readily available!

And she has access to arguably the best Perk in the game: Movement Speed.

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*Off topic: I always feel sorry for the old lady when she screams in pain “Aaaah”.

I’ve never put some efforts to upgrade her cards though as I feel she shouldn’t be in Gears universe at the first glance…

Indeed, an interesting note about the movement speed perk-

It actually isn’t simply movement speed, it’s essentially an enemy accuracy reduction perk.

Maybe not at a 1:1 ratio per percentage point of speed increase, but the effect is there. The AI is tuned to aim at base speed characters. Any increase throws them off, 30% can throw them off quite a bit, even above 20 in master where the accuracy is lauded as overpowered.

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Emile is great for escape. Better than lahni even. He doesn’t need venom for his melee to make things bleed.
Kat is totally viable as engineer on masters. Del just out shines her in every regard except her ult. Now that Bairds here she is used even less.
If they had to push these chars on us they could have at least given them a full set of perks. Had these characters been fully flushed out and the gears rooster wasn’t so small at launch people wouldn’t complain as much.

Depends on the difficulty, what I already have and what I’m doing.
If double health+dmg are turned “off” I don’t care what we have so long as one of us is an engineer.
If health+dmg are turned on and it’s Emile, sadly he isn’t staying. He is melee focused and that just isn’t feasible on masters. If it’s a Sarah or a Grace I might tolerate it if we already have a Kait or JD. If it’s a Kat I’m down for that. If we already have a Del or Baird even better. 2 people refilling sentries, when ones cost rises the other builds. They’ll both be using a tri shot near the end anyway.