Sarah Connor and T-800 Pack stuck on loading

Noticed that the Sarah Connor/T-800 didn’t have a price on it for me so i clicked and now its stuck on loading… this happening to anyone else?

Yep it’s happening to me. DO NOT BUY the dark fate 2 pack with Rev 9 and grace. You won’t be able to play the Rev 9 if you don’t have the T-800 so it’s a scam by TC


I bought the Rev 9 and Grace pack and am unable to play as Rev 9 ! It says you can play him in multiplayer but you can’t actually, false advertising plus doesn’t make me want to buy things from store anymore as they will lie to get you to buy their stuff. Very disappointed…

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How much did you pay?


Thanks for being honest. But this was for 2 characters, blood spray, banner and a mark? Jesus.

The only reason I got it was for Rev 9, the price isn’t bad for the most part it’s pretty cheap. Just when I do spend the money I expect to get what I am promised.

Locked here as well…they did a good job hiding the fact Pack 1 is needed for the Termie in Pack 2 to work properly. So I ended up paying 20$ for an emo-teen Bieber lookalike…
Guess ill have to play that ■■■■ to death now…

One for the price of two. What a bargain. It even says “Owned” in the in-game store. Just cant ever use it cause its tied to a promotional thats ended.

A cheap move. Atleast make it explicitly clear that the purchases and packs are tied in the in-game store. Ill be very careful with buying any DLC again with this covert market strategy.

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T-800 is available for everyone, by default.

The confusing part about Rev-9 is that it’s a skin for T-800, not a separate character.

Confusing? Id say misleading. Dark Fate Pack 2 actually describes itself as a “Character Pack”. And its sold as as stand alone DLC. If it turns out its a skin, tied to DLC Pack 1, somebody in QC should probably have a look closer at whats going on in the store…

It is a character pack since it comes with that new Grace character, Rev.9 and misc stuff.

Yeah, thats my point. DLC Pack 1 is sold with the exact same wording. But then t-800 is actually a character, or is it a reskin of Sarah? LOL…I dunno.If its a skin, please write so in the description. With the new character/class system, suddenly selling skins is just goin to create a massive confusion. When are they selling skins, and when characters? its such a mess.

i bought the pack 2 on the sole fact the pack 1 was just saying loading and i still get screwed this needs to be sorted and has anyone heard anything from TC regarding this ■■■■ up

I contacted xbox support, the referred me to the coalition twitter account for support. Good luck getting a complaint through that sh1tst0rm.

Theres no way they would get through i imagine theres loads of people in the same boat just hope people up the page so it gets seen, But surely theres some mods or something that have contact with TC

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