Sanguino and Akagi's ranks

These guys are veterans of the Pendulum Wars, and their description says they’re the best of the best. So why do they only hold the rank of Private? Kait just walked over to the COG and signed up like yesterday and she’s already a Corporal.

Maybe because these characters’ in-game depiction is from the Hollow Storm era? If you know what I mean. Like Tai is obviously from the GOW2 era. Or Minh is from GOW1.


If the depictions of these characters are Hollow Storm era, that means they’re at minimum 15 year military vets. They’ve somehow distinguished themselves as the best of the best in a career lasting a decade and a half and haven’t earned a single promotion?

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Not necessarily. The Locust War may have been into its 15th year by that point but they wouldn’t necessarily have served for that full length of time. We don’t know how old their in-game depiction is supposed to be.

I think the in-game description is much more general - so the reference to the Pendulum Wars is a reference to the COG Commando’s generally, rather than to Sanguino and Akagi.

The description says they’re veterans of the Pendulum Wars, which was 15 years or so before Hollow Storm.

I added a little edit above. I think the description referring to the Pendulum Wars is much more general and referencing the COG Commandos as a group, rather than individually to Sanguino and Agaki.

Also I don’t see the word “veteran” used there, so no indication that these two individually are veterans per se, unless I’m missing something.

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Yeah, it just says “Cog Commandos”. It doesn’t say Akagi or Sanguino are from the Pendulum Wars. As to your question about Rank, maybe they were in the “Pendulum Wars” and were KIA…

Dom is a private. He was part of a commando unit during the pendulum wars and still considered to be a great soldier. Rank is really meaningless in the Gears universe.

Edit: How many times do you think Cole turned down a promotion to corporal?

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They are comparable to the onyx guards maybe?

Dom was a private in Gears 4’s prologue in Aspho Fields, but I think he’s a corporal in the trilogy. Hell, he even gave Marcus simple orders at the beginning of Gears 1.

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Off topic but I have a clip of sanguino saying “Fabricator Upgraded” but that obviously isn’t a thing in Gears 5 lol

Feels weird like it’s scrapped dialogue on what developers were originally gonna do with horde in this game but cut it out and somehow this get released even though these characters are new which is strange.


Possibly. Or alternatively it wouldn’t surprise me if the dialogue writers got it wrong. They might have a long list of lines which they use as a general template for voice actors which have carried over from one game to the next, and they accidentally forgot to remove this particular line. The voice actors probably just read the lines and wouldn’t necessarily know that it’s irrelevant to the game.

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