San Diego Open Stream Weapon Skins

Does anyone know what weapon skins will be claimable by watching the live stream of the San Diego Open? Will they be new or rereleases of old ones or both?

Should be 11 of 14 of the new San Diego skins… with the Lancer, Gnasher and Snub only being available through the Gears Esports pack.

And they will only sell the same skins in the gears store too. You could win past skins by watching raffles and getting prizes by watching the stream in the 28th-31st.

Those San Diego skins are lame


IDK I kinda like them but I think they aren’t good enough to be Gears Open skins.

A lot better than the New Orleans skins,

im sure they will be announced closer to the event which i think is next weekend if im not mistaken