San Diego Major Esports rewards / quests

Hello, a few days ago Gears published the San Diego Major Event on Twitter, and there was written that we can earn rewards during watching the event on their site where we can login. To get the rewards we have to do these quests but I couldnt see them for the days and they they removed the post on their official website. + on the side was written you have to do the quests before the 6th bc the event starts the 6th. So what now? will we not get the rewards now, or what is going on. I hope someone can help me, already thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Pretty sure the quest are during the event

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if its like G4 they will apppear during the stream. you will have to be logged in with your Xbox MS account and click claim on the tab when the particular weapon is available. - stream start 2PM pacific time