San Diego Event Inquiry

I claimed the dropshot but I’m wondering is anyone watching the stream? Have I missed anything from earlier and if so, do they give you another shot at claiming them? I had no idea I was literally expected to dedicate and entire weekend to this.

I got the retro, boom and dropshot. I think the boom was before the dropshot I know the retro was before. I don’t think they give another chance in the same event they are giving out a lot this weekend. As for watching the whole weekend I keep it on in the background on my laptop or phone and check in from time to time and sometimes watch certain teams

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Awesome. Yesterday I tuned in at about 7pm and was able to get everything. I did the same thing today and found out I was supposed to be keeping up with this all day! Honestly I’m highly discouraged when it comes to doing this again. Most people don’t have time to keep up with something like this the ENTIRE weekend. I thought it was more so about just logging in that day not following it ALL day. Thanks for info but I won’t be attempting this again.

tomorrow are the best skins of the weekend lol. I highly suggest if you have nothing to do keep it on it the background some where. If you have something to do keep it on the web browser and check on it once in a while

I mean yeah but my spirit is kinda ruined that I can’t get the entire set now. For once, I wanted to watch and get the exclusive skins because I never went after them before. I just wish they would give you a second chance at them or at least put them in an eSports pack to buy. Poor planning for the average consumer…I’ll be checking in and out tomorrow though.

you wouldnt have gotten the complete set anyways without buys an esports pack. The lancer, snub, and gnasher are part of the esports pack. Who knows though you might get the missing ones down the road on a dev stream or fight night. they do bring back some of the skins for those events

I got the snub when I bought a pack and I was okay with just using the animal skins and considering that as a full set. Oh well…whenever they re-release the Supporter 1 pack I just need the Black Steel Torque bow and I’ll have a full set for that. The original Black Steel skins look amazing with Black Steel Classic Marcus. I’d be fine with that …

On friday they released all the skins together because they had problems with the web site, on saturday they followed the system they’ve been using for a while, one skin every big match or around 2 hours. Will be the same for Sunday and the New Animal set will be released during the finals and not before.

No need to watch the whole weekend , but I see no big problem in checking your phone once every two hours, specially considering that during last year events, skins were available for around 10-15 minutes which actually required you to be watching the whole thing.

I knew someone would defend this system by seeing no problem with it and I appreciate your feedback. Checking your phone all weekend just doesn’t work for everyone. They should just leave things there for a few hours and allow anyone that logs in to claim them at any time. For example, make things available at noon and give you until midnight to log in and claim them. THAT my friend is more user friendly. I have friends and family that work in chemical plants where you will get fired for just having your phone on you…how could people like this ever enjoy the full Gears experience when they have time sensitive crap like this? Simply put, people have lives and they have no consideration for that at all. The giveaways and raffles are fine but in-game skins??? Again… poor planning and execution.

I prefer they got rid of stream skins, as the focus is on watching the esports gameplay. If it wasn’t time limited then people would no chance tune in and watch the stream at all.

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I couldn’t agree with you more! I really hope this doesn’t carry over into Gears 5.

A waste of time. The Colition and Microsft left everyone with NADA, This isn’t the. first time they promise wepon skins and due to some screw up you get nothing. NOLA Worked but since then it has failed. At this rate more than half the spectators will stop watching.

Hello everyone…
Tech issues happen, and they are still promising the skin to people that were unable to claim, but were logged in…

I will be closing this since the event is over, and multiple threads have been created on this topic.

As a reminder " *Team Animal skins will be entitled to your account when the new title update is live."