Sams got my ❤! Who got yours?

(l Ar Ci l) #41

I agree lol but I like the brunette more and for the record I was gonna use this pic for this post but I changed my mind at the end lol

(GhostofDelta2) #42

Broly has my heart :slight_smile:

(Duffman GB) #43

Bernie looks like their mum :wink:

Sam is such a (badass) fox!

EDIT: That could be the cheveo art for the “sisters are doing it for themselves” cheveo I put forward for the new ones.

(Duffman GB) #44

…but we all know “chicks dig the Baird” right :wink:

(chaaze) #45

It’s DIG

(Duffman GB) #46

Poxy auto correct on phone!! but thank you I will edit :wink:

(xValtiel) #47

Why? I mean they were flirting HARD in Gears 3 and that much was obvious. They didn’t really hate each other. I like that they’re together. Speaking as someone that’s not a shipper.

(Duffman GB) #48

Shipper ? what be that then ?

(GhostofDelta2) #49

Whens fans put two characters together in a relationship.

Like say Sofia and Baird, or Cole and Baird.

(Duffman GB) #50

fair enough :+1:

(Major Schaefer) #51

But Sam dug Dom’s beard a whole lot more! :smile:

(Carpus Fenix) #52

Sam being voiced my Claudia Black certainly helps her corner on that. She is pretty hot. Kait certainly is pretty adorable. But why fool with girls when you could get a Queen?

(Major Schaefer) #53

It’s the schoolmistress voice and that wiggly-hipped walk when she dismounts the Tempest at the end of Gears 3, right?

(TSG BlackUltrax) #54

Sam is my love

(Duffman GB) #55

I will just say Farscape…
(tv show)

(DownInFlames85) #56

Two words: Flame Grenadier

(OmenQuant) #57

(mendigo2005) #58

Hey, that’s off-topic!!!


(l Ar Ci l) #59

Mmm! “Hello Nurse” (Quote animaniacs) lol

(Carpus Fenix) #60

Can’t beat being spoken down to by a powerful mistress, no?