Sams got my ❤! Who got yours?

(l Ar Ci l) #21

Which pack was it?? I saw it today in the stream and I like the way she look lol

(UltraMagnetic96) #22

Supporter pack #4

(l Ar Ci l) #23

Hope they bring it back before Gears 5 comes

(The Mack Train) #24

I’ve always been fond of Alex Brand, her back story is awesome too

(Duffman GB) #25

Sam it always comes back to Sam. Although I did use Anya a fair bit in 3.

I use Sam predominantly in UE,3 and 4.
I love her “sass” basically the fact she swears a lot :wink:

She also has a good story in the Gears lore, what with her dad.

…and yes of course, she is brunette/raven which helps a lot. :slight_smile:

(JITheThunder) #26

I like Sam dialogs, especially Are you afraid like a girl? Are not you?

And Sam is my favorite too.

(l Ar Ci l) #27

Or when she says " The ■■■■■ is back" lol

(GB6 Kazuya) #28

Queen Myrrah, always.

(ChilledBowser) #29

I have to say Black Steel Sam is who I play with most often, a close second El-P “One shot, one kill. I’m the $Hit!” and “calm down man, aim your gun”

(ChilledBowser) #30

Queen Myrrah is one sassy classy ■■■■■


Whenever I see Sam I think of her character in the movie Pitch Black. Took me forever to realize they were the same person.


Kaliso is my boy though always.

(Bleeding Pepper) #33

I use Clayton Carmine in multiplayer.

In Horde I tend to change depending on class. I known it sounds a bit an@l but I associate certain classes with certain characters. For example I play as Baird if I’m the engineer; or Sam or Clayton if I’m the Soldier; or Tai or Cole if I’m Scout.

(YFN Remy19) #34

I do this as well…

(Major Schaefer) #35

+1 for Sam for me too. Claudia Black’s voice lines are epic (it’s the accent that does it for me) -
“From me… to you”
“Where the _ do you think you’re going”?
“Ah, come on man”
(And many others that I can’t remember the exact wording of right now).
And the one about the duck tops them all! :wink:

Campaign-wise I didn’t like the fact that she and Baird got together though, it went totally against their interactions in Gears 3.


Interesting. In that case with the Carmines I can see Anthony as the Sniper, Benjamin as the Soldier, Clayton as the Heavy and Gary as the Scout. Mechanic Baird as the Engineer.

(Ahvestro) #37

Anyaaaaaa <33

(Mayhem64) #38

Generally play as Bernie for the COG, she has the same attitude as me, even if a little older (yeah I’m of those “geriatric” Gears players compared to most of the fan base I imagine!).

When taking someone’s head off - “What’s that? You can’t hear me? Hah!” gets me each time…

(l Ar Ci l) #39

Someone is jealous haha I also didn’t like the fact they got something together lol She’s too good and Bird well is too much for him jaja

(chaaze) #40

It’s just not OK to have only 1 fav…