Same problem as 4

Competitive tuning or nothing at all. I will not stand for the nonsense that was Core tuning, not again…
The reason i play GoW is the skill-gap. If you remove the skill from the game it will die. Don’t make that mistake, i beg you.

Try looking through the forums before you create a thread. Theres an official feedback thread to post this in

I can create whatever i want lol gtfoh

its gonna get merged. TCs not gonna go through each individual post Also the thread is pinned to the top so this wont be seen by most people lol

Most people likely won’t bother reading through most of the threads made in the last few days almost all of which say exactly the same things. At one point my count of threads that were new or unread was at 209 combined. It’s just over a 100 now. I don’t envy the moderators right now.

And OP, you can create whatever you want but it’s pointless if posting it in the official feedback thread would have done the same or maybe even a better job.


My point to the OP is that eveyones creating the same threads over and over. And the only people you should care about reading this to address the problems/concerns are TC. There not gonna go through 1000’s of threads thats why Octus made an offical thread for feedback because they will go through that 1

Quoted for truth.

Yes, but then TC isn’t going to see it. So essentially you are screaming at a brick wall , as well as RED, who may or may not be a brick wall.