Same issue but new evidence

Thank you to those who tried to help me yesterday. I could load gears 5 but not get into a multiplayer match. After being on the phone with Xbox Live for almost 2 hours and trying every troubleshoot idea under the sun. I decided to create a whole new Xbox live profile and gamertag and that somehow worked I can now play Gears 5. Any thoughts

Only thing I can think of is to send a ticket to TC with all the info about this. Take a video of what happens every time you try to enter multiplayer and send it to them. Definitely an odd one.

Very odd indeed sir and I already created a ticket yesterday sometime or the night before

At first glance it looks like op is talking to himself


Ya I saw that… Seriously though. Antone else have the same issue… Any suggestions other than call Xbox lol

maybe remove the main account from the console ?

Yep all ready tried that

Honestly at this point you might have to wait for a response on the ticket (could take months so I wish you luck), other than that maybe @TC_Sera or @TC_Shauny can do something?

Same for me, removed account, added it, deleted game, installed it, deleted save game, nothing works.Send a ticket…wait…wait

Hey man you deleted and removed your profile? As did I. If you missed it I created a whole new gamer tag and profile… Lost everything but at least I can play the game!

I am max level, not gone start from lvl 0
Made a ticket,gonewait a long time. Meanwile Gears 4 runs fine.
Sure it is on there side cause all other games run fine.

It’s definitely an account issue. I have

Deleted and reinstalled the game
Deleted and restored my account
Cleared the cache
Changed router settings
Changed router

I have even tried the game on Xcloud and still get the same issue (cannot connect to online service error 0x00000c1d) so its nothing to do with local hardware, but your log in. I can play fine on a guest account, but I play regularly for the coin rewards and have almost all characters,skins,banners,emotes etc. unlocked on my main account.

I have submitted a ticket, but i’m angry and sad I can’t play the next operation. I have played Gears 5 almost daily since launch. Now it could be months before I can resume progress and i’m losing out on coins.


I am pissed like hell…

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Welcome to the club!

I check this issue daily so I will let you know when / if The Coallition resolve this for me.

I’m telling you it seems like they have banned your account. Just because they didn’t “inform you” doesn’t mean it’s not the case. They posted something about leaderboard glitchers, cheaters, etc would be banned or something…not alleging anything .

I am not a cheater.If TC does not resolve this, then i will never buy a game they release.

That’s bullplop!. Do you have a link of them announcing this ban crackdown? I don’t cheat…I played this game on Xbox One and Series X for 2 years with a controller. I don’t even know how to wallbounce. I only play ranked for the medal rewards and I certainly don’t quit.

From what I’ve seen online, when you get banned from Gears 5 you are greeted with a “You have been suspended from matchmaking for x time” message when you log in. I only get the error message “cannot connect to online services 0x00000c1d”.

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I’m telling you it’s not a ban. 1 they would tell you. I have friends who have been banned. 2 this is not a new thing this code that keeps popping up. It affects a lot of players and more each day. Not a ban

I havent seen anyone who has received feedback from TC concerning this error.