Sam Skin availability?

Played against a guy today in FFA that was wearing a skin I haven’t seen in the game or in the shop. She had voice lines I haven’t heard in 5. I only saw it briefly, so I messaged the guy and asked him what skin that was and he replied “Sam”. I’ve been playing 5 since day 1, and I never remember this skin being available. When did I miss this?


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@Nagnirnahs so how is a dude wearing it today?

It was available on accident yesterday for like 10 minutes. There are people who went ahead and purchased it, so they have it for an extra day :p.

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@Nagnirnahs weird. So people that just happened to be looking at the store in that 10 minute window got it. Wonder why it was so important to release it tomorrow and not yesterday? Could it have something to do with Fortnites new season tomorrow? If so probably an intentional accident. Do you know how much it was?

It wasn’t supposed to be this week at all, but after yesterday, they decided to release it early.

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