Salute to all the Emile players

He’s arguably the toughest character to master due to his ability to only fight up close and personal. He has to even fight Scions up close. One wrong move and you’ll get down a million times in a row with him.

His shield is a stationary object so it adds an element of knowing when an where to deploy it, and, at times, can make or break a teams decision if others are down. He also doesn’t have many card selections to choose from, only 6 cards, I’m not including the score cards. Very precise character.

Whats y’all thoughts?

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Meleeing isn’t exactly difficult. Timing melee strikes with rolls/cover slides to a Scion’s swipe cadence is not rocket science.

I always thought Emile was one of the easiest characters to use in Escape.


I personally prefer to have Lahni, since she’s got melee bleed + very high resistances in venom, but Emile definitely has his uses if played well, or if you want 2-3 melee characters on a team. Or on maps with slow venom where Lahni might feel left out due to it taking very long to catch up or simply never getting to you if you’re quick enough. Don’t play him though, never particularly caught my interest.

That said, I think Emile isn’t great against large Juvie mobs. He just doesn’t have the capabilities to tank them properly, especially on The Warren. All he’s got is Stim that recharges over time if no damage is taken. Plus, he doesn’t kill Wardens at all without a Breaker Mace, while Lahni can with Electroblade, and turn herself invincible during its duration if you are walking around in venom. She’s probably also easier to play since she can tank practically every Drone type enemy melee, and has an easier time moving around to close in on enemies.

But he doesn’t have to get up close to kill anything. Having a good aim with Longshot or Torque Bow also lets you do some good killing.

Lahni is superior in every way. She just needs some venom.

So yes I agree, Emile is tough to play on Master.

I see your points, but your putting a lot of emphasis on Lahni strengths, but it’s off topic. We all no Lahni is superior, but the topic was revolving around how difficult it is to navigate Emile, because of his close-combat mechanics.

Remember, only speaking about his combat, in combination with his cards. He has no cards utilizing these abilities.

To you it may not be, but a lot of people struggle with this. Plus, in combination with that swipe, you have to account for their counter-attacking with the weapon from that particular Scion.

I agree. He’s very challenging.

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I simply wanted to explain why I would choose Lahni over Emile in 90% of scenarios, no more, no less. And for anything larger than Drones, their playstyles are fairly similar, from what I’ve seen. You still avoid Scion swipes the same way, you still avoid getting hit as much as possible while closing in. But as stated, that is a lot more difficult to pull of with Emile than other characters.

He does supposedly have permanent and larger bleed damage(100% vs 50) so I guess that’s something going for him. Well, and doubled melee damage.

But I’ll just leave this topic for others to discuss now.

Yeah emile is difficult to use, I totally agree, sadly the third party Charectors like Sarah, Emile etc are just way weaker then base ones. With that said Emile is probably the best one.

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I totally agree I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen try to play emile and just get taken down super quickly… He defiantly takes skill to use. Sadly the 3rd party characters are generally a lot weaker or harder to use.

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It’s not crazy hard but then again not everybody can do it. Also you have to have a certain playstyle or flow when using emile, His shotgun is also pretty strong. I think he is a very hard character to use properly, most people just get bodied when they use him.

Emile is the only level16 character i have. His melee bleed even works with kicks to the face on a ramp where that cost me the game many times with lahni since her boot doesn’t electro knife…

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I’d say he’s the easiest character to use, between the Stim and how easy hitting the B button is in all situations. And how over powered bleed damage can become.

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These points are one of the reasons I posted this. A lot of people go down playing him more than any other character I’ve seen. It’s to the point that I cringe when one jumps in the lobby.

People play him to aggressive an think his shield will hold up no problem. Especially watching others play him on Master. You gotta be very skilled to stay alive.


It’s been a major adjustment going from Cole to Emile! I know always in the back of my mind that he can only take two hits with stim, and will be dead meat with no stim. So I’m not even comfortable being the one to run ahead and aggro. I’ll stick behind even taking out stragglers and wait for enemies to be preoccupied or isolated before rushing ahead with melee. Your teammates should have grabbed the long shot or embar but if they didn’t then Emile needs to do it. Also gotta grab any spare shocks or flashes to throw at Scions causing trouble for teammates or create isolation when facing several drones. Empty a claw, and toss a shock, or even use your talon ammo to whittling down crowds as you can’t lean on your melee for crowd control like Cole and Lahni do. And if Keegan, Mac or whoever fails to kill the scions and grenediers and gets dropped in a bad spot then Emiles melee isn’t going to bail out your team. I’ll pop the dropshield to protect downed teammates and also block off the line of fire for scions at the helipad. Emile isn’t pulling off any heroics like I’ve seen from Cole or Lahni but he can hold his own with decent teammates.

Emile is GOAT. Sadly some players don’t know how to play him on escape. For example, when you are encountering scions it’s one melee hit and dodge, elite drones two melee hits and dodge.

When some players play Emile, they go all in with melee hits. It’s not Emile/class that is bad, players make him look bad in the game

Emile + flashbang is all you need for him. 5 melee hits on any Scions, they’re dead. 2 melee hits on elite variants, they’re dead. All you need to do is melee and run. The only downfall is he can’t last in venom.

His melee doesn’t seem to hurt wardens either unless he’s holding a mace/pipe.

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Yeah, need Mac or Keegan to take out that first Warden, then pick up the mace and any other Wardens are toast. I think it’s the major advantage of Lahni, to be able to take out a Warden alone, So she’s not dependent on anyone else, like Emile is.