Sadly, is GoW 5 Anthem?

Seems like another promise broken…Another Industry ‘for sure’ deal that went south. Like the fallout of Fallout. I kno these Devs get treated like fast food employee’s but its got to stop lol

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Not even close, plus I knew Anthem was going to suck from the first gameplay footage. There was no real hook to any of it other than you can fly lol Gears has a lot going for it, these forums are not a reflection of how the fanbase as a whole is towards the game


Very close in disappointment factor. Gears HAD momentum until now …These forums are the remainder of whats left (other then the older gears games that are more populated then 5 is). I’ve kinda studied 5 cuz i wasnt sure if it was just in my head or if other ppl smelled its butt crack too…I think we were lead to believe something else…when 5 came out.

(I do agree i wasnt buying Anthem regardless lol It looked ■■■ and was ■■■. But for a Gears to be just as bad is beyond frustrating )

Like I said not even close. Microsoft is still funding devs to work on more content therefore they must be seeing profits. Anthem dropped off the map and had terrible reviews out the gate. Gears 5 actually reviewed well too. Plus they’re doubling down on it as a franchise since tactics comes out next month and they’re still releasing novels and comics. Gears is fine. It’s just the trolls on these forums that make it seem worse than it really is.

wait wait wait…Cpl things with that…MS is steering the wagon yea, But 5 numbers are getting worse not improving. All the new games approaching i dont see much they can do to sway the masses back. I cld be wrong i cld be right.

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What numbers? If your referencing steam, that is a small amount of the playerbase, most people play on xbox.

U kno better then that…PC runs the gaming world (makes sense when games are made on pc). Also when consoles are becoming more like pc’s . That aside. I dont believe we’ll go from maybe 250 ppl on Steam to 1 mill players in 1 or 2 operations or seasons or whatever they call there next cash grab. 4 runs laps around 5 . They wlda made more money waiting and polishing…BUT microsoft does there thinking for them so cant really blame CO too much…thats just my opinion tho

Lol dude, most people dont want to deal with PC specs. I try to get my friends into pc gaming all the time but the truth is most people just want a plug and play council. I play gears 5 on xbox even though I got a nice pc just because its easier to connect with friends and I have it hooked up to my big screen. Most gamers are on council. Just look at the sales. That’s why Microsoft isn’t threatened by steam they know their council market will keep them going just fine.

Few things i cld touch on there too. But back to my topic I think this is equally a barn fire as Anthem was. Maybe even worse. Its hard to wrap my head around regardless what happens at this point.

Lol ok.

u see Gears 5 going on to amass 2 million players? The last of us 2, FF7R, Cyberpunk? Heavy hitters ahead, just wondering why u look at me so crazy

2 mill no, but it still has a healthy playerbase after 6 months. It’s not anything like Anthem. They wouldn’t be working on new content otherwise.

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Im not sure what ‘Healthy’ is lately…especially since 5 stole money at this point. lol I been around since 2 so im not happy about any of this either. Also Anthem had new content too till suits left altogether, we’ll see if that same scenario is in play lol

Stole money? Is on gamepass, if you already got gamepass you essentially got it for free. I dont know what else to say if you don’t like it so be it, my only point is there are plenty of people who are happily playing it still today, enough that Microsoft is throwing money to a full time studio to keep making content. Obviously someone has to be playing/ buying content.

Yea stole money…Pre-Gears…meaning they cld have done more work, especially when 4 was DAMN NEAR perfect. Im not in the bizz but i kno MS is pullin the strings,that being said of course MS is going to back their horse, like there backing HALO in every new gen xbox console, bad decisions and why its really no different then Anthem. Its crazy how bad games got with more tech.

Anthem got dropped real quick once EA didn’t see the cash flow. Microsoft is no different if gears or halo are as bad as you say Microsoft would drop both of them in a heartbeat. Halo sells man, MCC is killing it right now. Gears sells, and many players like myself enjoy both of them. Anthem looked like sh*t even before it released.

1 moment sir if i may…MS doesnt show/admit sales of anything. When station dropped 50 mil consoles MS ran…admitting there games popularity is no different lol All im saying is Gears 5 had much more to promise then Anthem, and here there basically the same, even when there not…like fallout 76, Anthem, i cld throw a few more but…idk i dont play alot of em anyway

That’s all I’m saying man nothing alike



that review…was the same day lmao sept 6th …not a review thats after the updates that fixed nothing for gameplay…it was the new thing… basically, and initial thoughts were ‘WOW’…then it went to ‘WHOA’