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Sad truth about the Locust drones in Gears 5

As the locust drones will be one character, all his variants will be skins (Hunter, Miner, beast rider ect) and that leaves some of them to be store purchase only. Sure, some will be In tour of duty I’m sure but their are SO MANY drones that not all will be.

Same applies to the Kantus and Theron guards and all their respective variants.

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Not necessarily. I suspect they will be split into 3-4 different categories.

Several Locust characters have the same body armour, like the Drone, Sniper, Beast Rider and I think the Cyclops and Miner too - they will probably be considered the same “character”.

But the Grenadiers are different and I suspect the Grenadier, Grenadier Elite and Flame Grenadier will be fall under the same character.

And the same goes for the Therons.


Just reread your post, yeah we basically said the same thing! Apologies for that. I’m reading it on the bus and finding it hard to focus!

As I said… when I say drones I don’t include grenadiers I knew they’d be their own characters because we have the swarm drone and swarm grenadier separate, I just didn’t specify that.

A better conversation piece is that the locust(the diaper ones in Act 2) are in story mode but are not seen in Horde or playable in pvp.

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That raises the question about A and B Carmine, are they going to be the same character? They have almost identical voice lines and the only difference is the helmet. I bet TC is gonna get lazy and make them the same character like they’re doing with the onyx guard and cog gear