Sad boi hours 😭

Every lobby I get in is half full in versus and when I try to play public horde I get put in lobbies with one or two people and when I back out it puts me back in the same lobby 2 or 3 times in a row.

I knew the playerbase was dwindling but it’s just been the past couple of days that I’ve really noticed the lack of players.


Which region/servers?

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I live in Canada east coast

So now it gets to you.
This has been the number 1 concern for all harcore gears fans since launch. The toxic community all the I quit gears threads…

It was the dev’s fault. They failed to give the community whats/needs & then paid the price.


My games were always full up until a few days a go so I never noticed how bad it was

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Yes, i am aware of that. my friends list has around 160 people. And all are from Gears of war games i played. After the first weaks there are about 10 people playing Gears 5…

All the so called toxicity is basically pointers to this problem. There will be no players if ther players dont like to play the game.

And being in EU. This has been a real big issue and probably where the most " toxic players" are from.

No one wanted this and therefore there has been so many people calling out all the problems with the game. These people that call out the problems are the hardcore players that dont want it to die.

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Good points

However, Rod and the team had a flawed approach to this game. There wouldn’t have been any “toxic’ feedback” had they make a good game first. People wanted a fully fleshed out Gears game yet they got a grindy mess.

Realistically, this game was made for nobody. The new guys put this game away for COD or something else and the hardcore fans feel alienated by the game.

People are allowed to voice their concerns as this is a premium paid product, not a gift.


I would even call it The Emperor’s New Clothes

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There’s no one playing this. Same maybe 18 people I see playing. Tons of server problems lately. The game is just about fully dead.


I’m playing during prime time hours as well it’s not like I’m playing in the evening or night

Isn’t night when prime time is?

Depends. I feel like most people that play gears are on during the day rather then night

Prime hours are evenings. In NA that starts around 5pm and tapers off around 11, for the respective time zones. Mid day is usually not all that active, especially when school is in.


Apparently the game is alive n kicking…lots of peeps playing…cloudy judgement/trolling…some really dont get how few are playing this AAA release…lmao🤣

You mean in Quickplay? Yeah, it’s pretty bad, especially during odd hours. I too live in the east coast of Canada and never had that issue in other Gears games. So my guess is that the player count must be extremely low atm. Not gonna go as far as say that it’s dead, but the game definitely didn’t resonate with the players this time around.



Blame it on the community Wow! just awesome.

Imagine how dead it will be when everyones 2 months for £2 game passes run out haha

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My brother and I gave up on Horde two nights ago because we couldn’t get five people. Tried for over 45min, using both matchmaking and lobbies. West Coast US, around 6pm here so 9pm East Coast.

It’s when I realized, “■■■■, people really aren’t playing the game”.

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