Saber needs a shoulder 😭

To cry on

Or 10

Short and to the point…

Been alone for 13years

Was quite happy, jus getting high, playing video games and coasting thru life


I met a girl at work, we get on AMAZINGLY

told her how I feel today

The feeling wasn’t mutual :sob::sob:

I’m alone in my room, close to tears

You guys are often my only dialogue with the outside world when I’m not at work

I’ll take anything right now

Good stories, bad stories, words of wisdom, just a friendly chat I dunno, jus anything peeps :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

What are you wearing stranger?



My heart on my sleeve

An shorts, jus shorts

Been playing with my weights while blaring metal

All hot an sweaty now :flushed:

I had to look around the room… You creep.

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