S2 diamond emblem

I got a diamond in Season 2 and I still do not have my emblem, only the weapon designs came to me.
If you can solucionalor I would appreciate it.

Diamond emblem was season 0 only.


That is correct Season 0 were emblems.
"Season 0, we will be awarding Season 0 Emblems, themed to each Rank, "
You can read more info on it: HERE

Season 2 rewards were as follows:


Team Deathmatch: Hammerburst, Enforcer
King Of The Hill: Gnasher, Snub
Dodgeball: Longshot, Boltok
Guardian: Dropshot, Retro Lancer
Arms Race: Boltok, Overkill
Warzone: Markza Mk. 1, EMBAR


Escalation: Boomshot, Torque Bow
Execution: Lancer, Snub

You can read more: HERE

Hope that helps.

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Thank you