Ryan Cleven is leaving TC & Gears for good

Just posted on his personal Twitter account.

Despite the issues we saw with G5 at launch, I don’t think we can deny Ryan’s passion for Gears and how much he cared about the community. Things may not have turned out exactly as he had hoped for, but as fans we still appreciate his hard work and what he has done with the Gears franchise, no easy feat at all. I wish him well and hope his personal issues are not too serious.

Good luck Ryan @N0DEZER0


What a shame, really. Hope it’s not a big issue and he will have a happy future. I’ll miss him.



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I wonder who will be the new multiplayer design director…

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Multiplayer Design Director for Gears 4 & 5

Hopefully someone that can make it good again.


look @Link23809 I really appreciate you man… and I consider you my friend thats why I won’t write anything horrible here.

you’re my friend so it’s ok you wrote that :slight_smile:

I think a lot of us man , you and I do have very high passion towards this game… I can grant you that .

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Sounds like a threat lol


To much stress I guess. I wonder who is going to replace him. A hard position to take.

Hope there will be someone that wanna make a lot of new weapons and game modes.

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hahahahhaa :slight_smile: of course not , just that when I first knew @Link23809 he always made me angry when he write nice things to TC and their staff, but now that he is my friend I just let him be… :slight_smile:

I have a tendency to enjoy his positive writings , he is one of the few who does that …

I for the other part I’m like the Punisher I just wanna find the people most directly responsible.


Probably one of the senior members on his team. I’m sure they have all of the information they need.

Or they will make a major shift and hire outside of TC. Time will tell.


Hey sorry to see you go mate hope your OK. Can’t help but feel the community on here is a part of his decision to go. Can’t be easy having all the hard work you put into this game be shot down all the time. All the best

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Makes sense. This game was a monumental failure and as a result, the community has been pretty vocal about it.

But he’s human. And people constantly filling his twitter feed with nothing but negativity about a game he put a lot of work in is a lot harder to deal with when a worldwide pandemic is occurring I imagine. I respect his decision to walk. I would too if I were in his shoes.


Bon voyage, Clevens. Hope you got something lined up for yourself in the industry after your sabbatical.

I wonder how the multiplayer will be now, hell I wonder how Gears 6’s will pan out.

I’ve found it interesting that Ryan has said a couple times over the last few months that he didn’t like how Gears launched. Maybe he’s being sincere, maybe he’s playing to fans, doesn’t really matter, but when I read that I can’t help but think that there was a lot of difference in opinion between the designers and the decision makers.


Damn sad to hear that, indeed he seemed very passionate about Gears and I really liked how he engaged with he community, including myself. I Wish him well and thanks for all the hard work you put into the Gears franchise and take care.


Yup. 100% agree.

wow People leaving left and right. Hopefully gears gets better. Not as a result…I’m just saying. I really want this series to do better.

Good luck to him.


So far:

Otto - MP Producer
Rod - Head of TC
Ryan - MP Director

Yeah not a great look that’s for sure.


Good riddance, I never liked him and he made horrible decisions