Runs/Hives completed in pve. Also, how many runs in a day?

Just wondering how many hours you guys stick around for horde or escape.

2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours or all day??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It doesn’t matter if it’s regular horde/frenzy horde or escape.

Also, how many runs/hives you guys normally complete in a day? Or do you have s specific hive or a favourite map that you normally team up and play,?

For me, I normally aim for one run (regular horde) ONLY in my alternative account and then move onto a another game. It also depends on my mood to. Sometimes I would be very lucky to get 1 run done :worried:… So that’s two/three hours and I’m done. I either play lift, Speyer or Allfathers arena.

I only play Gears and Destiny so I’m usually just playing those 2 games with my friends when im not working.

We usually have a routine of maps we play. Village > Ritual > River > Nexus > Ephyra > Asylum. Master Frenzy. After that we do some “Specific Class Only” games if we haven’t already done any games like that.

Don’t really play Escape anymore since TC cut development for the mode. If someone needs help though ill help out with some hives.

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You sound like a nice a guy :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I am until someone throws shock grenades at me lol

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For me, I go for the daily horde (I still need lvl up classes and getting cards). If I found a random good team I complete it in 1 try or 2.

After that, The Clock non-stop (that is what I want, but the truth is that less players join to a full run on The Clock). If no one joins and I got the swarm spawn, I go for Last Stand to finish Gunner class (I need like 10 purple cards and for the rest I’ll do The Surge)

I don’t play Daily/Weekly hives except when my friend is online and want to break the monotony of doing Clock.

Totally boring but I don’t want to pay for cards

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I usually only play master escape solo at this point and almost rarely do I ever play with other people (primarily because it gets ungodly difficult with randoms as they are well, randoms ofc or way too easy if I get people who have some map knowledge). They usually take me as little as 12-15 minutes to roughly 4-6 hours depending on the difficulty of the hive I’m trying to solo as whichever class and restrictions I want to place upon myself (such as melee only as blademaster for instance or doing onslaught no speedrun). I always try to look for new ways to challenge myself since all the hives have been solo’d by every class a couple months ago and this is the best addition to the franchise imho.

I don’t ever touch horde unless it’s either boss rush with @TurnerBurner922 and his friends or frenzies with @RelaxingKoty/@WickedlyInocent since they offer something different from the usual Eng/Marksman/Tact/Demo set ups (nothing against those, they’re just super monotonous to me at this point). It’s usually a couple hours at most as I get off when they do.


Randoms offers that too :+1:t2:. Many times I didn’t have any of those classes on my daily horde runs (Or you can only put that on the name of the lobby)

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Usually played like 6-8h a day. On weekends even more.

I used to grind all bonus cards from the dailies every day and then just moved on to playing more 50s Hordes for the rest of the day. That’s when I was still working on upgrading all cards. Hence usually 3 Escapes and at least one 1-50 Horde (I never play Frenzies). Usually we did like 2 more 50s for the day.

After that stuff was all done, eventually the Solo Escape challenge was started and I was really only doing that. Hence not really many completions during the day anymore since those runs got pretty hard eventually.

Then took a break, now working on solo Hordes every now and then - so again not really many completions (since I don’t need them).

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Currently 2-4 during weekdays depending on when I start playing, during weekdays, since the daily reset is stupid late now and TC refuses to move it back to a more adequate time for EU players. Seeing as that’s Frenzy runs, around 1-2 hours. Spend a few more hours on weekends since I can stay up longer.

Currently not playing Escape as I rarely feel any need to do solo Masters after doing all the hives, and the TC hives are somewhat stale when played in a group.

Could play more but seeing as I refuse to play with anything less than at least one person I know is decent/good or friended, and I currently don’t have any hives with a personal vendetta against since soloing Last Stand on Master with Blademaster, I spend most of my free time in afternoons doing other things.

1-2 hours a day… Few Horde Frenzy or 20-30 waves of Horde.

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Work? Study? Marriage? Kids? Nothing? :exploding_head:


What’s that?


I do work my regular 8h a day, sometimes night activities, on-duty services etc. in which case I obviously can’t play. Working from home currently so I can get right into gaming, play until midnight and then go to bed.
Of course there’s always some exceptions here and there that involves “socializing” so to speak. :slight_smile:


I used to do a lot more than I do currently. Typically three or four 1-50’s and maybe a couple of Frenzies was fairly normal, but now maybe one 1-50 and/or a couple of Frenzies is about all I do per day.

There’s little motivation to do more (beyond the simple enjoyment of playing) as I’ve achieved everything I wanted to within the game apart from a few very specific, grindy PVP achievements.

When the opportunity arises I still enjoy playing with groups of people I know and have played with before that I know play at a high level but avoid randoms as much as possible. I did the daily Frenzy yesterday with some randoms and it reminded me of what a horrible painful experience it is.

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I can’t remember the exact figures, but I think I’m a little short of 2000 Escape master runs overall.

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These days I typically only really have time for just one (mostly) uninterrupted 1-50 Horde, MAYBE two if I start early. In that time though I could do several Frenzies and/or casual Master Escape Duo runs with my friend @Siul_S249 .

I’m not always in Gears though because as awesome as 5’s PvE is I still got other games I don’t want to forget about lol. And Destiny has taken up a lot of time lately plus I’m looking forward to Halo Infinite.


I used to do this. But the only reason I played clock was because I was grinding for specific cards for each class. But back in the day (before we had dailies) it was frustrating for me I use to get score boost cards and epic score boost cards more often than anything else.

I don’t bother with it anymore now, although, I would help my friends to scroll through clock if they need help or so.

I was the same to :slightly_smiling_face:. But now only one regular horde and that’s me done for a day lol.


Usually doing the dailies to get some CXP and some missing cards. So 2 frenzy hordes and 1 or 2 escape runs. I play 2 hours in the evening and sometimes more in the we.
When CXP rewards I am staying in Incon diff (archi.striker and slugger) and then master with lvl20 classes who are the most suitable against the mutators.

Sometimes if there are boss rush lobbies I take my demo or tact.

I don’t consider it as a grind as I still enjoy playing for fun being a random among other ones. If we fail we fail … although I try each time to do my best.

I only leave if I find a lobby with too low level in the opposite direction of the mutators (2 snipers yesterday in the same lobby with close range gambit … low level of course lol)

Not to admit I am a bit addicted


Just to add that I love Escape and even though new hives have ceased ages ago, so I still play it pretty much daily. At the very least I’d do the dailies and weekly. I’ve also been helping friends (who don’t play Escape normally) to master hives for Seriously 5.0 pt 2; and sometimes I just jump into lobbies in the browser depending on how I feel or host my own lobbies featuring a random hive.

Generally speaking it’s just a smaller time commitment than Horde so it suits me better on some days. Some days I’m out in the evening so might want to pkay a quick game after work, but before going out or something.