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Running slow around cover bug? (Video)

My girlfriend was playing social and said the games acting weird and i replied saying “Yeah it’s just Gears 5”
She recorded what was happening and showed me and i hadn’t seen this one before.

As if the game wasn’t slow and sluggish already, maybe this is how slow TC really want players to move? :rofl:

(Also notice how the Master weapon skin was on the Gnasher and as soon as it was swapped it disappeared)


Yesterday was perhaps the worst experience I’ve had in Gears and the “slowness” after leaving cover was one among many bugs (or features?).

I played 10 games “ok” and I had that on game 11, it would only happen after leaving cover. It was gone the next match, but then the server decided to kick me and gave me a ban with no chance to rejoin .

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Haha wtf…

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Imagine if it was a feature :rofl: I know they nerfed the speed boost but this seems a bit excessive TC

WTF indeed

I dont understand all these wasted hours on tuning changes…
I think most problems are just the server/connection… it gives us strange outcomes like your clip.
It was fun to watch tough :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wouldn’t call them wasted hours but the fact that they can’t figure it out 8 months into the games life cycle makes the whole game feel like an early access beta test. I respect them for trying to get it right but… after 3 games, a tech test and months and months of tuning into a supposedly finished game, it’s starting to annoy the hell out of me.
Even if they got it spot on i don’t think they’d realise and mess it up, example being the Lancer, they just had to mess with it even when the complaints were at an all time low didn’t they :disappointed:

I think you’re right about the servers, most of these abnormalities seem to happen on dodgy connections.

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Spot on.

Didn’t read the thread before but just saw this happen to a bot on bunker. So I don’t think it’s a connection issue, more than likely a bug within the game itself.

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Bots move strangely all the time, i’ve never seen this happen to a player though.

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Got that to… Also the character will just start to walk instead. Great clip !

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I had my character spawn the wrong way around at the start of a match and start walking forward without me pressing anything before, always found that one funny though.

Oh man…

This is what @xxxGAUNTLETxxx was telling our group he was experiencing earlier. That’s some weird stuff that needs to be fixed immediately. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. I’m still experiencing the game, which is running at 144FPS having the feeling of 30FPS if I don’t close and restart the game after 5 matches.

Only Gears…


Yeah this issue needs to be addressed. S*** wasn’t fun at all. Only good thing about it was we didn’t lose because of it too many close games though. If you guy’s didn’t carry. Man BLUE that last head shot save the day on Vasgar you did. I was Bricked after getting them 2 that third had me in his sights and than BAM! For the cap.

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Thank you. :heart:

The hit detection of the Longshot was awful all match. It only started working during that final moment where I got 4 headshots on enemies. It looked like I saved a couple of breaks too as they were rushing in

Some really strange s*** went down this last match also. Just pathetic. 3 kicks at once than next round klutch is banned on round 2 . Sick.


3 of you got booted? And @KlutchKwonDo got banned? So you lost?

First round mo mystic and I all got kicked. After about 30 sec. Exactly at the same time. Rejoined round 1 over. Right when round 2 happened same thing klutch and machete kicked klutch got banned. We didn’t even finish the round.


I’m sure someone will come in and say you all need to fix your internet. :joy:

Simply outstanding stuff man. Your whole team.

Yeah. The other team was a Stack also. Couldn’t even get going.

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Yeah I got kicked, and then suspended for 10 minutes :joy:

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