Running scared medal

Paduk medal running scared isn’t working, I think it was eliminat 50 enemies while fear is active, well I killed way more than 50 and on the medal it still 0/50


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plenty of threads about this and TC has acknowledged they are working on it


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It really makes you think how some people have made it this far in life…

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I watched a video yesterday of some guy pulling his Tesla up to a gas station pump and then spend the next 5 minutes walking around the car trying to find the gas tank. He finally gave up and googled it.

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Good for him! I mean, he wasted 5 minutes, but he got it in the end!

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I literally lost 10 IQ points reading that man

Glad its not only me

Has there been any update from TC on this?

this has not been fixed its been 3 weeks amd nothing. Your aware and working on it? Last time i checked it doesnt take amonth to fix one medal

They are aware and is working on it, I dont know when it will be fixed but I agree it doesn’t take a month to fix one thing!

Do you know what it takes to fix a medal? I would think if it were an easy fix it would have been done by now

Well they fixed the mulcher medal pretty fast when it was broken so why can’t they do the same to running scared

I dont remember them actually fixing it (I could be wrong) I just know that the snub actually worked for it