RUNNING SCARED Get 50 Eliminations in Horde as Paduk while Fear is active Not tracking

This medal is not tracking for me, I am using the fear ability and killing enemies while they are running, it has not counted a single kill. I am doing this in private custom game.

I see al the other medals being counting properly.
Is this something that is happening to other people?
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for any tips


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Me too

Same. Not tracking.

Same here I don’t know what’s happening

It’s not tracking for me either. I don’t know what’s going on.

Maybe it is worng description, Maybe other Players should kill mobs, when your ability is on? Someone play Paduk with other palayers? It is not a first bugged medal in Gears 5. For example sometimes escape mode medals work in horde mode.

It doesn’t work even when someone else is Paduk and they use Fear, it doesn’t work at all.

And even if the description was wrong, the community probably would have found the requirements of the challenge anyway, like with the Mulcher body count counting for the Snub.

Good to know I’m not the only person experiencing this. I thought I was doing it wrong. Will this bug be fixed anytime soon?

I’ve unlocked him but haven’t used him yet… But the get 50 mulcher eliminations isn’t tracking properly for me. Says I got 1 kill but I must have got between 20 to 30.
Not trying to hijack your thread. Just saying as it looks like it’s not just the paduk one that’s not working.

Use the Snub Pistol.

Same here, i have unlocked mulcher medal as a Del.

Ok I’ll give it a go thanks

Same here it does not work .