Running 19 Ravens Gears 1 Ranked NOW

Were running 19 Ravens right now. Need 3 more. Search ranked Execution. MUST search 19 19 rounds otherwise you probably won’t find it because the search system is screwed lol. Lets get it POPPIN. Bring your shotty game!

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Wish I had it downloaded

Don’t play with these guys, literally just Brusomes running around with his host and marakkis by his side all game, they are truly embarrassing, have all the advantages, host, stronger team etc then they still expect you to push a 3v1, seriously braindead kids.

These lobbies are basically just kill farming for the host so don’t join, it’s not fun. Toxic atmosphere aswell.


Lol you still mad bruh? :joy:

Hosting Fuel Depot 10-2 (ranked).