Run the Jewels pack(Why no one else?)

They aren’t know to have the most brilliant lyrics…

i dont think rap in general has the most brilliant lyrics 90% of rap songs consist of talking about sex drugs and money and the occasional murder

It honestly depends. Kendrick Lamar, Lecrae, NF, J. Cole, Lupe Fiesco, and, and Machine Gun Kelly all have fairly decent lyrics

Maybe I’m just showing my age, but peak Wu Tang Clan, NWA and Public Enemy had some good stuff. And I’m not even that much of a rap or hip-hop fan.

And as far as slightly more recent urban music is concerned, The Streets (British urban artist) - his debut album is probably one of the best of the 00’s and that’s over 15 years old now! :smiley: Mainstream urban music is pretty gash.


huh. Have never heard of The Streets. I’ll have to check him out.
I’m not as much into rap as I used to be. Been more into stuff like The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons. But I do like the hype of hip hop. Especially before a Gears match lol. Puts me in the mood!

I’d buy a Peter Steele character

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I want a black steel weird al!:joy:

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Black, black, black No. 1 Peter Steele


Black steel Joe Rogan anyone?

Black steel Steve Buscemi!


Black steel James Franco!

The entire Black Steel Sabbath lineup with DIO would be great.

But in all honesty, the first time I heard of and saw the “Black Steel” character cards it seemed pretty cheesy.

Like… Blue Steel cheesy.


Mailman outfit and all.

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I love it!:joy:

because it was probably apart of the marketing budget.

these people don’t allow their likeness to be represented in games without being paid.

If you can make money by being in a huge video game franchise, then great! It was a pretty good marketing move imo.

It would be great to beat, and shoot the crap out of all those stupid *** ‘Mumble’ rappers with those disgusting looking face tattoos!

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Yes! Everyone from Lil Uzi Vert to Drake.
Not XXXTENTICON though. It’s too soon…

They could do a zombie version of him!:joy::joy::joy:


Guess we should bring in 2Pac as well lol!