Run the Jewels pack(Why no one else?)

Why in all this time have no other real people ever made into the game as characters like these two guys have?


Who cares? I don’t want anymore people.

If you ask me, EL-P is one of the most annoying characters I have ever encountered. He just doesn’t shut up, and his voice is just cringeworthy. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’ve never heard of run the jewels until this game…

That being said- I actively abhor the characters and go out of my way to slaughter them in every match because they are so annoying.

Give me a Tom Hanks or something.


Just like Griffin and joint gramma…

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I’ve never cared for the RTJ characters either, but then I’m not a fan of their music. The main gripe for me aside from El-P sounding really annoying, is that they’re non-canon characters and I always find it weird when any game franchise introduce characters from the real world (or other universes - e.g.: I would’ve been against that whole idea of bringing Spartan skins into Gears as a multiplayer skin. I’m glad it turned out to be fake).

Also on a side note, I’ve literally never come across anyone play as Killer Mike.

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to be fair i liked him and mike when they were allowed to say ■■■■ boys but the wittle babies were offended that there was such a vulgar slur in a game where you literally smash peoples faces into red mist


They don’t belong in this game.

Unlike Ice -T in Gears of War 3, they aren’t playing a character, they are playing themselves and have no relevence to the lore at all… Why they insist on doing ■■■■ like adding RTJ and flags from Earth nations into a game that takes place on a different, fictional planet is just a testament to the creative bankruptcy the company constantly displays.

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I think I’m one of the only people who actively uses Killer Mike lol

I’ve expressed that exact sentiment in the past, nearly verbatim. Immersion is instantly lost with those characters and the national flags.

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Yes. I’m not a fan of Griffin either…

Fair enough, I suppose. It’s ironic in a game rated 18, but you’ll always have those that complain.

No idea but I would’ve preferred nobody in real life to be implemented into a game.
But imagine if a character was based on a dev…

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Even though I am a big fan of rap in general, I’m really not that into their music. And I don’t think that the weaponskins are that good either.
I also think that El-P sounds exactly like Jonah Hill.

But, if we are gonna go down this road, I would like to see a Post Malone character, with candy painted skins :joy:

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when they came out they were something new when there werent a lot of characters to choose from now-a-days there’s a lot more skins so those 2 arent nearly as good anymore

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True. I’m a fan of Albert Wesker so at first glance I was interested. But then he spoke…

So disappointed. :laughing:

lol Kanye West in gears 5?


It’s the voice echo with EL-P that’s annoying. I hear him from across the maps and not in a distance kinda way either. Since he is supposed to be a rapper he probably recorded his own voice at his own studio for TC.


I’d have to question my decision to pre-order it…

I know, the quality is terrible. Most lines sound as if he’s talking with towel wrapped 3x round his head.

Would he come with a MAGA hat? lol


Bring in dave grohl from foo fighters, screaming at the enemy when you get a kill haha

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A better question would be “Run The Jewels - why?”.

I only recently decided to Google them. Saw some atrocious c-RAP with lyrics like “We murdered the murderers, but OMG a diet! I couldn’t even try it!”