Run The Jewels Feature

I know RTJ were an exclusive special feature for gears of war 4 and probably won’t be back for gears 5 because it would cost them to bring them back in but can you maybe get the rights from them to bring back the characters from 4? I liked El-P as a character.

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Both sucks bro the worst desing never seen


Can’t find the like twice button

I’d rather they didn’t

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Smh the pack was amazing. RTJ did great

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If they bring em back I’d love for them to add EL-P’s cut voice lines. ■■■■ was hilarious

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Please no, most annoying voices and characters ever (yes even with Grace in Gears 5). People really feeling the need to play with a lame and dorky character already have Batista in the game, that is plenty.


I wouldn’t mind but the music is total trash, bet grace could sing atleast :rofl::rofl: