Rumored:343 Industries & The Coalition are going make a game together!

After E3 2019 Microsoft Xbox Press Conference showcase. Fellow source here was some talk from backstage and his seen the head of “Xbox Game Studio” executive
Phil Spencer chanting with few people more likely from major studios from one of many Xbox family? Spencer speaking with Bonnie Ross (vice president of 343 Industries) & Rod Fergusson (Head of The Coalition studio) talking a new IP? Gone forums and a sources talking about this secret IP from two major studios made Halo & Gears of War. This undeveloped IP it going a Science Fiction Military Third Person Shooter,many described they mysterious IP “Love child of Halo & Gears of war”. This game going be co developed by both 343 Industries & The Coalition,it going be released in somewhere in 2020’s the date it unknown? Currently unknown both studio 343 Industries & Coalition have speaking must details on unknown game,with have no official name to revealed. Currently in development they would get around developing and making the game
after released of Gears 5 and Halo Infinite. But employees have spoking about details,casting and possible a concept story of game. A employee from 343 Industries & Coalition spoking what predicted developments of the game

“We haven’t gone any agreement and discussion this collaboration from this biggest two major xbox studios. All we know,when Microsoft and Spencer approach us about a new IP game to co development with half of each people from 343 Industries & the Coalition,who two studios acquired and made Halo and Gears of War now came up a brand whole new game from us it would a challenge,it wouldn’t b difficulty or too big! With many of us (developers) after Infinite and Gears 5,we not going created a new game,we created whole new universe! With new characters and world! From two studios who just few years ago took over two biggest Xbox games series,took it from they previous studios. Turned to a brand new franchise with many new for newer fans and kept want our long time veteran fans like . We haven’t talk must about new IP enough,didn’t have official title,and script and concept story for the game,with both studios are very bussing with there own series (Halo & Gears) it impossible to take our time in day to collaborated together on this game,unit Gears 5 & Halo:Infinite come out. Also game i predicted making debut on Scarlett next year or two,meantime i and rest of team each form studios (343 Industries & the Coalition) are not discussion any details enough,further we having any update and hopeful a teaser trailer watch out in near future for both fans. Finally we already got voice actors & actress to cast for the game.”-Unknown Developer from 343 Industries or the Coalition

We don’t know very must about the game,but we now knoe the voice actors in this IP in development.
Erika Soto (From ReCore,Halo Wars 2 & Vida),Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones,Fast & Furious,The Titan & Hollyoaks),David Lim (Hollywood Heights,Quantico & S.W.A.T),John DiMaggio (Gears of War,Halo Wars 2,Final Fantasy X,Futurama,Adventure Time & Transformers)
,Mark Deklin (Halo Wars 2,Red Dead Redemption II,Rainbow Six: Siege & Call of Duty 3),Jake Busey (Stranger Things,The Predator,Starship Troopers,The Frighteners and Enemy of the State) and Ike Amadi (Halo 5: Guardians,Mortal Kombat 11,Mass Effect 3) being as one of main villain in the story,we don’t know rest of voice cast members,who will join possible rest main cast. Here no further details by time being,for now a both 343 Industries & the Coalition haven’t spoken must about they new IP or showing any of details about the game. Maybe they showcase it after next E3 Press Conference.

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Interesting. :thinking:

Highly doubt it. Only a month ago on IGN’s podcast Rod said a new IP from is a possibility he wouldn’t want to rule out but as of now they are 100% dedicated to Gears of War for the foreseeable future.

Just like how TC helped Bluehole get the Xbox PUBG port running? If something is happening that hasn’t been announced yet, it’s obvious they’re not going to talk about it at risk of breaking whatever NDA’s they’re under. Even something like the Black Widow movie, ScarJo couldn’t say anything about it even though everyone knew it was happening until they had officially announced it.

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Two ■■■■ tier developers making a game. Yay?


Brute Force reboot here we come!