Ruined game by corner campers

Pretty much ruined game by corner campers with heavy weapons. Pointless to even play now days. This game should be renamed COD WARS.

Ok… Is this PvP, Horde or Escape. Or somewhere in your head.

Try and get one of those weapons to flush them out. Nades, dropshot, precision rifles n such

Find a different route or throw a flash bang.

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Most of the Gears games always have corner campers involved, there are other factors involved in by the game being ruined.

Virtually all online shooter games have corner campers. It’s something people do to ambush opponents.

Verses sucks for this. All they do is sit in the corners wait for people to spawn in and start gunning down everyone In sight.

Lol i dont care what anyone says the camping is waaaay worse in COD.

I have to agree with ya on that. Another thing is swarm team with 5 terminators with salvos nuking the maps. We had one team spamming us constantly with salvos and they text us saying you suck , and swearing involved.

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Immature players have ruined this game and many others :pensive:

They’re not just ruining games you know? :wink:

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I am not a fan of PvP, i only play it if i have to, and i got 17 executions to do on it. Sadly i am slow at this sort of thing and find the Lifers have killed all but one, and that is the one i am killing.
As for Camping, i find it hard to camp on gears, and i should know, i am a Camper on CoD and Halo, and i am damned good at it too (well, i used to be)
Gears is a fast paced game, you either keep up, or get left behind.

Dark colored characters in dark areas. They hide. Especially on district at buzzes pick-up.

This is specially sad if you played 3, you’ll know no one ever camped
The ones camping must be the new players, the fortnite kids with their modded controllers

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I think it would be cool if all corners has a see-through but impenetrable edge…

Lmao you’re tripping bro. Never rounded a corner to be greeted by a Sawed off?

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In COD you almost have to camp. Lol yeah i dunno camping is minimal as far as i see in Gears 5. Gears 4 Blood Drive TDM now that was a camp fest. These maps are actually kind of difficult to camp there are always ways around the map.

Would you rather have corner campers or players with pieces of tape stuck on the center of their screen to help them aim straight?

Hey, what’s wrong with that!??!

Ok, it’s not a piece of tape, but a little sticker… :slight_smile: