Ruby Weapon Skin Rewards

If the Coalition is trying to implement an incentive to use use other weapons then, they should add the Ruby weapon skins to the skin roster. It would essentially just be a reskin of the diamond shotgun but, the method to attain them is different. Since The Ruby Scion focused on overall kills, why not continue the trend? Make it a throwback to GOW 3 and GOWJ.

Each Player must achieve 6000 kills in a ranked playlist with each weapon. This would be rewarding casual/serious players for just playing the game with other weapons. They would at least benefit for trying to use that weapon.
As much as I would appreciate this being added, I am aware I missed the chance with closing of the achievement. This is just me throwing this out there, to be honest, as something I would love to see.


Why not,

Have a certain amount of kills linked to each weapon :+1:

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That sounds fine but 6,000 kills with every weapon on ranked only would be ridiculous. Unless the challenge is up forever this would be almost impossible to get within a certain timeframe akin to the Ruby Scion.

I like the idea but maybe tone the kill count to 200 kills. There 18 guns in the game in total the kills you need is 3600 kills. If you really want 6000 kills with all 18 guns then you will need 108,000 kills


250 with the power weapons and 500 with starting?

With the starter weapons you will need 2000 kills (I count the enforcer, snub, gnasher, and lancer as starter weapons.) and with the other 14 guns you will need 7000 kills and at the end you will need 9000 kills still a little much but I already have the ruby scion challenge months after the 5000 kills achievement.

If we allow the reward to include social,then the starter weapons and power weapons can remain where they are. The only one I see - besides the snub- being difficult is the longshot but, it can in theory obtain 8 kills per pickup. The Snub you can just switch and kill them on the ground. If not that, then you can still use it to down people and kill them.

Challenges for full-sets will be good to see. It work for MS weapons skins.

Would be an interesting challenge.
Should be able to do in social too… not just ranked.

Double those numbers :+1:

Honestly I feel we should leave the power weapons out of it due to the sheer number of aholes. Picture three guys rushing boomshot and when the guy picks it up the other two start throwing smokes at him, standing in front of his shots and other things trolling aholes would do in that situation. Now imagine that in every match with every power weapon. I’d say 1000-1500 kills for the 4 starter weapons should be enough.

That’s a very rare occurance tbh and if you keep seeing that behaviour then try to buddy up with a team.

I’m sure TC would make Private count too.

Either way - you shouldn’t let a few people ruin a game for you.

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I see it all the time. I fight 1/2 guys for a power weapon and after I pick it up people try and trade it, when I don’t they stand right in front of me.

I mostly play in 5-stacks now so maybe that’s why I don’t see it.

But if someone picks it and they want it then I let them and move on.

Good idea, worst implementation. 6000 kills with each weapon in rank versus? You kidding right? Not even playing 16h per day rank versus anyone could achieve in a good timeline before or even after gears 5 is out. See with starting weapons could be achievable before gears 5 I’ll give you that. However with non starting weapons you know everyone would be whoring power weapons and wait for them alot just to try to get some kills with them even if they are not good with them. Also a good way to support bad sportsmanship and casuals running around. No thank you. Matchmaking isn’t in good shape as is dont need to destroy it even more.
I’d be down if it is like 250 starting weapons and 100 kills all others though