Ruby the bot killing Scion

Anyone else not chasing this skin?

All I think when I see it is, “Wow they killed alot of bots!”

Being able to get it in versus AI seems kind of cheap

i dont like the scion so i’m not going for either of the re-skins since there are much better skins out there for locusts now like sraak

It’s not hard to get in ranked. I did about 99% of it in ranked king of the hill. I got about two weeks ago.

yeah but i mean i dont like the scion skin in general

Oh back to this subject again?

you know it

It is a cheap way to get the skin. All Scion skins I don’t care for, their feet should be replaced with civilian Anya’s hands!!!


especially when you think about how griffin a NEW character to gears 4 only needed 750 to unlock

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What about the people who get it through social / comp warmup

Yeah still going to think it was versus AI

I tried to finish up some bounties and watching them chase bots was hilarious

I agree, they should have left it as ranked only character.

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Well, this challenge is what it is and was always intended to be like this (despite the initial cock up in the requirements).

Personally I thought it would have been nice to have 3 characters to unlock across 3 tiers of challenges to go for. Right now we have an easy challenge (ruby), and a very difficult one (diamond). Something in between would have been nice. If there had been one skin for 6000 AI kills; another skin for 6,000 kills in ranked games; and then the 5 diamond ranks, that would have been nice.

Middle one should have been an esports related one, perhaps called the Emerald Scion :stuck_out_tongue:

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That would have been real cool looking!

I got mine in ranked KOTH also. Not a big deal honestly. I was surprised how fast i got 6000 kills and it’s not like I’m a huge slayer or anything.

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Wait so you can get stuff through playing vs bots again? Do challenges work as well now?

Thats correct, they managed to fix the issue that restricted the challenge to ranked only. Now it includes social and co-op as they originally intended.

as they originally intended after all the complaints that players had to try and earn it in Ranked.

It released as ranked, i think that was the original intent

Nope it’s the other way around. The original description of the challenge was that AI kills and social also counted.

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it was actually originally implied ANYONE could earn the character and that there’d only be one but people complained enough so TC made 2 different variants one for “casual” players and one for “hardcore” players