Ruby Scion requirement

So since the character requires 6,000 kills to obtain, will out kills during season 4 before tomorrow count or will we have to get 6,000 kills before season 4 ends starting tomorrow? Also, when does season 4 end? Sorry for any questions already answered, I haven’t been here in a while.


Quoting from the source:

Beginning Tuesday, July 3rd…you’ll need to get 6000 Versus kills before the end of Season 4 – whether that’s in Social, Ranked Play or Co-Op vs Bots.

The challenge starts in Tuesday, July 3rd not from tomorrow :wink:
But about the season 4 when it ends I also want that answer

@Aziz_XXCOOLXX @Gods_Machete season 4 ends in mid of September as per today’s developer stream.

Okay then, 6000 kills in 3 months is easy for me. Thanks for answering! :smile:

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Whats the best way to do this and how many do you expect an hour?

EDIT: Seems easy actually. 100 kills a day means you’d get 6000 in 2 months.

VS-AI, just steal every single kill. It’s easy as hell.

Just play King of the Hell Coop Versus (Casual), I expect 60+ kills every match easily! People in there try to make the matches as long as they can so :slight_smile:

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Yes indeed, by not capping the hill.

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Spawn trap, farm bots.

couldn’t this question have been asked in the announcement thread??!!!