Ruby Scion progress stopped

My progress counter stopped counting kills for ranked matches/ruby scion … I really hope that’s a retroactive delay since I’m missing a few hundred kills… :confused:


None of my kills or games are tracking at the moment actually.

Have you disabled telemetry ? (I presume you are on PC)

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I am on PC.

Nah, haven’t disabled it - even checked it last night… service is running like normal.

Question though: if someone did have a telemetry issue does everything update retroactively or is that data just lost to the ether?

Check the telemetry every time before starting the game. If it got off on it’s own the only thing that will still progress is your level. Achievements, ribbons, challenges won’t progress, that data is lost if it was off.

I think I figured out the problem…

I use pihole to filter ads and nonsense traffic off of my internet. I noticed this problem started soon after I initiated that.

Windows telemetry is on but there are multiple windows addresses that get blocked by pihole. (Rightfully so in some cases depending on how much privacy you like)

I believe some xbox live addresses needed to be added to my whitelist.

I will try it now and see what happens.

That really sucks if the data is lost… that’s probably 400 kills… :confused: didn’t even show up in my war journal locally either…

Yep that was it…

After editing white list stats updated about 20 minutes later on their own.

Awesome sauce. Hope this helps anyone else who runs into the issue.


Thanks for the update and glad the issue is resolved.

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