Ruby scion challenge time



Society is a lot harder to get through nowadays huh?


Well, at least it’s funny…

(Bleeding Pepper) #44

We can’t all be winners can we? Some people can’t accept that they can’t have it all.


Indeed. I am one of those people because well, I didn’t care for it.


It’s a sad day when a Ruby Scion is considered “having it all”

(Bleeding Pepper) #47

I always thought the Scion characters look really weird when you see them in action during a game. I know they’ve been scaled down but they just look quite awkward. It doesn’t seem right to see them roadie running or wall bouncing. Maybe it’s just me. Aside from when I got my first Scion character about 2 years ago, I never use them.

(MOBKnightmareMZ) #48

I’m just saying if they have the diamond scion might as well bring back the ruby scion I literally had only a couple hundred kills left to get an I would’ve had him only reason I want him is because I will use him unlike some of you that have an don’t use and if they make the blood moon scion or swarm character available for us as like a purchase like a $9.99 type of thing definitely want him to

(Gto57) #49

I am not against a new challenge to acquire it again or put it back at our disposal. Or some other way to get it like the “Drone lambent” that I’ve been waiting for halloween !!

(crazychainsaws8) #50

Didn’t you also play different games at the same time while the challenge was still available? If you really wanted to earn the character that badly you should have play gears 4 until you got the challenge done .

(Gto57) #51

The question I will ask is why do not reset the possibility of acquiring it again?

The reason is simple, everyone does not play at the same pace as others or at the same frequency, for several reasons: because of work, health reasons, children, or whatever.

(crazychainsaws8) #52

People wouldn’t play the game if ruby scion was available again. And yes I have part time job and study for college while the challenge was up and got my ruby and my emerald characters. The best way to get those characters is to play gears 4 ai bots not playing halo. And if you really don’t have the time ask a friend to game share with you.