Ruby scion challenge time


(kinglouissniper) #1

Can you give more time to unlock ruby scion?
I only need 100 kills to unlock it.

Extend the ruby scion challenge for December as a gift to gears fans
(DarkChaoz95) #2

Unfortunately they won’t because the challenge been up for a good 3 months and there was plenty of time to complete the challenge.

(Bleeding Pepper) #3

Agreed. Everyone’s had penty of time to do this, and it’s a relatively easy challenge to do. It’s not even that time consuming - I managed to get it for my main account by the end of August, and even got it for my secondary account (which I don’t even use) just over a week ago. Hopefully the OP will have better luck on the next challenge, whatever that may be!

(Al Bundy 33hero) #4

Ouch. Just 100 kills wouldn’t have been hard to manage if it was an important goal.
The guys are right though, the window needs to close at some point. I wasn’t playing the first month it was available and wasn’t trying to get him, but got him last week. If I knew I had only 100 to go I would have worked on my time management just a little. Just an hour or two of KOTH.
Sorry and better luck next time.


Should’ve grinded a little bit more

(AstralXTactix) #6

You just did the rest with bots ^^

(OneButtNugget) #7

You had your time, you used it up, fair and square.

(AliceInChainsaw) #8

I have to agree… I spent the entire month of August and first week of September out of country and was still able to hit the mark by the 2nd week of September after I got back. That was 1100 kills or so.

Sidenote: the char model isn’t that awesome… so don’t sweat it.

Double sidenote: I really wish they had a third one available… maybe emerald or sapphire for X amount of kills in ranked only. No social or bot kills allowed.

(ll R E D l) #9

all the challenge characters are sub par. I think the worst is the new cog diamond. cant wait to see what this challenge is gonna be

(seasloth21) #10

That hurts, but like others have said, could have gotten it pretty easy. I didn’t even hear about the challenge till halfway through September and I got it, cheesed it a bit, but wasn’t too bad


Who did the rest with bots?


Cog Diamond isn’t a challenge. Well it is but for Diamond Ranks

(ll R E D l) #14

Yea I just meant in general

(MOBKnightmareMZ) #15

Extend the ruby scion till December so gears fans like myself still have a chance to get it because I couldn’t get it because of my job an having to work so many hours

(crazychainsaws8) #16

The challenge was up for 3 months and I myself had to work too and do school but I did challenge and it only took me a month to get.

(DarkChaoz95) #17

They wont do it at all, while its unfortunate you have a job, they wont cater challenges to people’s circumstances, in fact as far as I know I dont think any game does/will do that sort of thing.

(MOBKnightmareMZ) #18

Still might as well bring it back if not till December at least till November just to unlock the character for any fan that didn’t get it I have a good 5200 kill only needed a little more of the way an to have school an work at the same time ya it was hard to try to get it

(Bleeding Pepper) #19

As much as I sympathise with people who haven’t managed to get it, the whole point of the challenge is that it’s time-limited and that not everyone will get it.

Personally I work full-time, and have a fairly normal social life (out 3-4 evenings per week) but still manage to find time to get this skin.


Lmao smh

(Metal Gear Mo) #21

You would have met the requirements of the Ruby Scion if you played less Halo…

You shouldn’t own a skin that die hard Gears fans worked hard on all season. You shouldn’t get a time extension either. Prioritize your time and stop blaming your job/school.