Ruby and Diamond Scion (My Thoughts)

If you don’t yet know about these two characters. read this week’s What’s Up por favor, they look awesome.

TC revealed the requirements for the Diamond Scion and also revealed the Ruby Scion which was a nice surprise for me. With this information I will be able to make the best out of my time when playing Gears of War 4 (I am playing mostly on weekends when I have free time). I will be aiming for both characters.

Personally I think that the 2nd requirement for the Diamond Scion (reach Diamond 1 in five different game modes ) is pretty easy, again this is my opinion and it comes from my experience, but it works for me, saves me time. But it also means that it won’t be that rare, I think. The requirement that will take the most time will be the 6,ooo kills but even then, as I read the What’s Up article, it says that you can get it in Co-Op vs Bots, that part threw me off, I don’t understand why that decision. It means that technically to get the Ruby Scion, you don’t even need to play against other players. (maybe to give more people a chance at getting it, they have mentioned things like that on the streams before). The Ruby Scion seems so cool too though, that Co-Op vs Bots requirement feels weird to me but I guess, I mean, I won’t die but the Ruby Scion is still precious, seems too easy to get (maybe a bit grindy but easy because of Co-Op vs Bots) It doesn’t feel right to me. Anyways, I can’t wait for that Diamond Scion. I hope to be rocking those two characters as soon as possible but yeah it will be awhile before anyone gets their hands on these characters.

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Ruby scion requirements looks similar to the gears 3 onyx weapon skins (get 5000 kills).

Yeah people already talking about cheesing it against bots on casual koth… smh

sraak still looks better than these re-colors

Hell, for me to get diamond in 5 modes… that’ll probably take 6k kills… haha

I’m only O3 in one mode and O2 in 2 others.

It was 6,000 kills.

Each. :eyes:

If I think about how long it took to get 6,000 kills for a weapon, it felt like a day or two I think.
So people could get Ruby Scion challenge done in few days, Gnasher everything in Co-Op vs AI.

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One or two days? oO

How long is a day for you? 150h?

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I would used to play long hours when boosting weapon kills, and got Embry medal twice on Gears 3.
Depending on Weapon progress, I’d spend hours… but how long exactly isn’t too clear now, it was years ago.

I’m an achievement hunter and that was the first time I dropped an achievement. The requirements are insane.

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I never got Seriously 3.0, because rank reset. :neutral_face:
Had 1,900/2,000 Gamerscore though, Seriously was last one…

Use the turret in Washing Machine in Koth against casual bots. I got 2.5K in one day when the 5k kills achievement came out.

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We were talking about the Onyx medals for weapon kills in Gears of War 3.

Hahaha yes! More co-op vs Ai for me!!

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Its not really cheesing it when the dev specifically states it can be done in co-op versus ai.


This ^^

Developers want people to play how they want to play. Whether they be achievement hunters or serious e-sports players.
They dont want to lock anything behind un-doable requirements.
I personally probably wont grind out 6,000 kills as i just got my “Slaying it” and i doubt this challenge will take those 5,000 into consideration.

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Have fun slaying bots for hours lmao let people play how they want to play sure cuz casual versus bots has to be some of the funnest modes to grade an Xbox one regardless of game.

People play that mode for achievements not cuz it’s fun smh clueless

You’re still here complaining? SMH clueless


For some people, myself included, the fun is getting achievements and racing for them as quickly as possible.