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Rubberbanding and Warping, Character Displacement

Does anybody else notice how there appears to be quite a bit of more rubberband-like movement in multiplayer? Maybe too much to be a coincidence?

Characters appear to be extremely twitchy and extremely sensitive to camera movements, causing some weird looking stuttering effects when you’re viewing other players from your own perspective. Sometimes making it hard to adapt in fast, intense situations because at times I don’t see their character actually look, or aim at me; I’ll view the killcam and it’ll look smooth as can be? Which I’m 100% sure, I didn’t see the reaction on my screen.

Also I’ve noticed when I get too close to both the enemy or my team mates in cover, or are in a shotgun battle with another player; We will both be displaced at times if we slide into each other, warping or rubberbanding, confusing the F out of both of us. So character collisions seem to be funky too.

I believe there are also some areas on some maps, that will allow you to roll passed a certain terrain or area; but will then warp you right back where you were before the roll, though I don’t believe this is the same issue, possibly mapping issues.

Thought I’d see if I could get second opinions. Do you feel as if the players are moving smoothly and responsivly when being viewed from your own perspective?