Rubber bullets and shots not registering

LOL… In that case our friend here @xVaRiAbLe19x really do have drinking problems worse than our gambling problems man. :smile:

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My gambling problem only got out of hand trying to fund his drinking problem man, guys savage


jajajajajaja LOL. :smile: we really have to quit doing those kind of activities man.

Let’s hope Gears 5 gets fixed on Operation 2 , so we can keep from doing alcoholism and gambling man .


I love how many people I’ve heard complaining about this yet no acknowledgement from TC. Typical. What I’m curious about is that it appears to only be effecting certain people. I’m wondering if this could be an instance of hiding ping?

Think it’s affecting UK players more than anyone else. Could possibly be the whole of Europe tbh.

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@D_A_N_III_3_L I don’t have a drinking problem gentlemen…the problem I have is when I run out of beer to drink lol :beers::beer:

Drinking is what keeps me sane when playing this damned game


I tried playing gears2 a few times when i got in from a night out back in the day, sanity it wasn’t :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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LOL I’m too old to get all worked up so generally speaking the beer keeps me calm especially when playing with other people cause I can laugh at my own stupidity easier :joy:

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Haven’t seen you online in a while buddy :sob:

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Wow this is ridiculous how bad the sponging and rubber bullet syndromes seems. I tend to feel it happens more when I’m showing low ping (14-20).

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I had two strange kills earlier.

First one, my gun fired when I didn’t even pull the trigger and managed to blow someone to bits.

Second one, an opponent appeared from behind and I just instinctively fired, wasn’t even facing them, yet my character turned round and one shotted them

Weird :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi @xVaRiAbLe19x

It has the same effect to me but in a different way, when I’m killing the damn monsters on horde I fantasize that are my neighbours or people that I truly hate and somehow its liberating in a psychological level. :smile:

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I’m a US player and I’ve never seen such inconsistency between matches. I’m thinking the servers were empty enough they opted to roll Europe into US and just used an algorithm to mask the ping.


Tonight in versus I did 119% …then got killed by the guy that was dealt the 119%…what in the world? Have any of you ever dealt more than 100% to one person?

I dealt 119% to a guy who not only didnt die, but then killed me…

Was that in Arcade? Because some characters in it can get “Stim” which effectively adds extra health to the character. Hence why you’re seeing 119% damage done, yet no kill.

Yea. It was arcade. Thats the first tine ive ever seen that. Thanks

Stupid 3rd shift and sometimes I actually have to spend time with my wife and daughter lol

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So I am going to PM you with a number…he is a truly great psychiatrist and can work wonders…


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my man jajajajaja = ) truly hate can give you a lot of powers.

however its only on the game man … once in real life I just behave as usual LOL

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