RTX, what's the verdict on crashes? (PC, nvidia)

(Rundan) #21

I always leave frames unlimited with G-sync on and I have no studdering, screen tearing, or delay at all.

(III EnVii III) #22

Well, I’m hoping a single RTX Ti can run the MP maxed out at 120FPS :crossed_fingers:

(Rundan) #23

When I had a single 2080Ti I could get around 120-130 FPS at ultra settings. If you lower the settings to High then it shoots up to around 160fps. So there’s something in the settings that’s extremely tasking when turned to ultra.
Might be ambient occlusion.

I also left anti aliasing at x16 which is not necessary at 4K. So I wouldn’t worry about getting 120 FPS. It’s very capable.

(III EnVii III) #24

I guess with G-Sync it won’t matter as long as I’m mostly 120fps.

I remember when I tried Ambient Occlusion in Burnout Paradise years ago when I had SLi 8800 GTX - it absolutely crippled my system :joy:

(Rundan) #25

Ya with G sync on I don’t notice any screen tearing, stuttering, artifacts, or increased response time. It’s the way to go. I mean, it better be for a $2000 monitor.

I am disappointed display port 1.4 can’t push HDR passed 98Hz. As far as not getting the full color spectrum at 144hz I don’t notice a difference from SDR (120Hz). So I guess I don’t care. Other than that I don’t have any complaints.

(III EnVii III) #26

I’ll pull trigger in the new year :+1:

(GreatWhiteShark) #27

Lmao… RNG crash system. Bruhhh I’m DEADDD.

(A1rT3cH) #28

Hello all,

I am getting a lot of crashes with 1080. One reason why I do not play ranked is because of the crashes.


Have a nice day!

(w BLad3R) #29

i have same crashes w 1070ti, the coalition does nothing. I have bad pool caller crash(Blue Screen)