RTX, what's the verdict on crashes? (PC, nvidia)

With holiday sales happening, I upgraded my cpu and was considering going from 1070ti to 2080. I don’t need the extra power at the moment (GPU is running 70%most of the time), but if it’ll save me the embarrassment of crashing in multiplayer it’ll be worth the investment.

I’ve only seen one person here say they’re getting crashes with the new cards but wanted to get a conversation going about it. The money isn’t a huge deal but TBH, I’m not particularly impressed by the new cards and am not interested in spending the money if I’m going to get the same crashes.

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@Metal_Gear_Mo returned his 2080ti because he was still experiencing crashes.


Don’t tell me that’s why he hasn’t been on. I’ve been waiting to play some KOTH with you diamond masters carrying my onyxass.

Anyway, on point! After experiencing no crashes for 2 weeks, I got one yesterday and another one today despite only having playing an hour or so the last 2 days. Not sure what it means. 1070 gtx here.

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Yea, so inconsistent. After talking a break, I got no crashes for a few days, now it’s back to daily. 1070ti.
If the crashes would go away I might even go with the 2070,which is almost a lateral move,but worth it if the next 6 to 9 months before G5 comes out are just a little more stress free.


Not only was my 2080 Ti still crashing on gears but it was also crashing on every other game I tried, from Call of Duty BO4 to Battlefield 1. It turns out a large percentage of 2080TI FE (founders edition) were defective due to “Limited test escapes”…nice.

Now we have Nvidia releasing the Titan RTX (TREX) for 2,500 dollars and I’m wondering if Nvidia has ever been further away from understanding their consumers. I feel less loyal to “the way it’s meant to be played” every day.

That being said, I’m back to my GTX 1080 TI and experiencing FAR less crashes on driver 416.81. Proceed with caution Meow, it might be better now, but I had a very bad experience with the new Touring card.


Titan RTX plays heavily for other purposes as well as gaming.

You are only looking at a small % increase in performance (from what reports are saying, benchmarks will reveal more).

So for the price of 1 Titan RTX - you can effectively get 2x 2080 Ti’s.

But even the new cards can do anywhere near 4K 144Hz.

And enabling Ray Tracing has a HUGE hit on FPS. Best bet is to wait 1-2 gens unless you really need something now.

Thx for the help guys. I think I’m going to try a 2070 because I can get a decent one for $500 and sell my 1070ti for $350. If nothing else, it’ll be a 15% performance boost but I’m really doing it in hopes that won’t have to say, “Sorry, I crashed” every day to my friends.


Good luck! You can always play with us too, because I often come with the same caveat. “I might crash…” LOL


Thanks Mo. :smile:
I’ll have the 2070 next week and will report back after a few days of use.

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Means nothing.

One day I’ll crash 3 times in 4 hours.

Then I won’t crash for a week… (gtx1060)

Can’t find a rhyme, reason, or hint as to why. It’s like RNG crash system…

I always reboot to start fresh before a session too.

Maybe I need to run a scan in event viewer right after a crash.


Indeed. I’ve gone days without crashes and tried to come on here to share my recipe, only to be cursed with 3 crashes the next day.

It’s so bad that I have a ritual where I let the pc run for 20min. I then close all programs that appear in task and gpu monitor that are not game related. Open the Xbox app, then Gears. Don’t change any settings, don’t run a scan, don’t go online, and if I do I restart. Seems to mitigate issues but the crashes happen when they damn well feel like it anyway.

I used to say changing GPUs was foolish to do for one game but this is the only thing I play on pc and I just don’t want to live under the curse anymore. :ghost:

Two RTX 2080Ti’s in SLI
No crashes at all. Butter smooth with the latest drivers. TC said they fixed it and everyone who is still getting crashes needs to contact them with their PC build specs to see what they can do to fix the problem.

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Did you mean to say the new cards can’t achieve 4K 144hz? Because if so, a single RTX 2080Ti can hit 4K 144hz while playing Gears 4 no problem.

TC would have to be entirely detached from their community if they think they fixed it. There are people posting here every other day about their pc crashes. I think RTX is kinda disappointing but I’m making the move purely to stop crashing.

I think I saw them say that on Twitter.
There’s a lot of problems this game has that has not been addressed lol.

I’ve had crashes with the 10 series cards.
My GTX 1070’s crashed a lot
My GTX 1080Ti’s crashesd a little
My RTX cards are good so far…

So idk… I hope if works out for you.
I haven’t played with Ray tracing yet. I wonder if Gears 5 will have it

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There is no screen that can deliver 4K 144Hz HDR.

The Bandwidth limitations means that even the ASUS 27” screen cannot do above 98Hz with full colour information and has to resort to chroma sub sampling. Even after 120Hz it has to overclock to 144 - again losing quality.



Seems like it’s averaging 70FPS.

And similar story here:

Maybe in multiplayer but not seen anyone run this maxed out in 4K yet so can’t comment on that.

Again, this is for single card performance. Maybe it’s different for SLi.

But then I don’t see the rationale of paying £2,500 now when the following generation of cards will better suited to running Gears 5 - especially when DP 1.4 seems to be a bottleneck.

Gears 4 doesn’t have HDR on PC anyway.
I get what you’re saying about the monitor limitations. I almost bought a new 4k/144 last month and changed my mind when I realize how compromised the first gen entries are. And 144 OLED (which is what I truly want) seems miles away.

As far as next gen, Gears 5 will certainly be out before next gen nvidias but, regardless, I really don’t care what other people do with their money.
If someone has fun with dual 2080ti’s, more power to em’.


I know, I’m speaking for other games.

OLED 120 Hz could launch as soon as March 2019.

I remember reading LG were very interested in HFR for this up and comming CES and for their next TVs. Samsung already did this for 2018 (albeit 1080p but no reason why 2019 couldnt see 120 Hz 4K)

Yeah no doubt, but by then the prices should have settled and I personally always wait 1 gen after the game to run it at the highest settings with ease at the higher frames, but until its here and to see how demanding it is on hardware, you can’t say either way.

I only speak for myself in this regards. Dual RTX Ti’s is an insane setup! The amount of times I have been close to pulling the trigger on a AlienWare AW3418DW & a pair of 2080 Ti’s is crazy close :rofl:

But I’m having some self-control as I really want the ASUS PG35VQ. 35" Ultra-Wide, Native 200Hz !

But then for that, I will most certainly need to wait another gen or two of Nvidia cards to run games on it to the full potential. And even then, the delays of that monitor are getting silly now but this could be down to the monitor having horrible ghosting when it was shown off. Either that will get fixed or released with some issues, so again, its about what the final product is like.

Who knows, I’ll probably go for the current best Ultra-Wide in the AlienWare which is really fast and the 2080 Ti as I’m using a temporary monitor right now and my GPU was always the limiting factor in my setup for the very reason I didn’t feel comfortable with what was available at the moment…

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I already knew that I own that monitor. Gears of war 4 doesn’t support HDR on PC and getting above 144 FPS in the Multiplayer is no issue for my RTX 2080Ti. Campaign and horde might be different. Both my RTX 2080Ti’s can do 144 FPS all around no problem in gears 4.

No HDR but you’re still getting 4K at 144Hz

I’m going to wait until CES and see what’s happening with this new monitor.

If not, I’ll go for the AlienWare which is 120Hz and a 2080 Ti.

Now, in the settings - would you leave the FPS “Unlimited” or limit it to 120?

Would G-Sync control the FPS to the Refresh Rate and thus leaving it Unlimited be the best option or still lower it to 120?