RTX BENCHMARKS ANYONE? 2060 - 2070 - 2080 etc

I was hoping some people would have some RTX benchmarks to post? I’ve been looking all over youtube and people have benchmarks at either some ridiculous resolutions or are showcasing the games framerate in Campaign and not multiplayer.

I’m just looking to see the framerate of the game at all medium, high and ultra settings, frame rate set to unlimited and multiplayer gameplay. (With FPS being shown)

I’ve always been akin to value high FPS over a high resolution. If I had a 2080, best believe I’d be running all medium settings, 1080p force of nature lol

It’s so hard to find benchmarks at lower resolutions these days, if anyone could help me by posting some benchmakrks in their RTX builds I’d greatly appreciate it. Word around town is the new RTX cards don’t crash either, which is a plus on it’s on.

I’ll have to run one for you. My 2080 does 1440/144 rock solid with no where near max stress. More power than I need for sure. My rig is only limited by my cpu, which is no slouch (oc’d 9600k).
Also, I’ve had a couple different ones and they don’t crash.


Overclocked RTX 2080 Ti.

Everything Ultra Settings.

MP is 1440p - 144 FPS Locked.

Campaign sees some drops but does stay mostly at 144 too.

Not done Unlocked as no point since my display maxes out at 144 native.

My friend has also had a overclocked 2080 Ti and gets 1080p - 240FPS maxed out.


my 2080ti does 2K ultra 144hz with no dips. Havent let it run free due to not wanting to melt my cpu.

(I know it is slightly outside the scope of what you were asking, but thought I would post for reference



8K Ultra- 60-70 FPS

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Is gow 4 running the latest drivers ok on 2080 ?

For me,

Yes :+1:

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I have a 2080 ti, but only heard of one person having issues with a 20 series card.