RTJ just got terminated,and upgraded.😎

Thank goodness the RTJ wannabe cogs have been replaced by two movie warriors a t800 a db new pal and sarah conners a cog armys best newest ally,who else is happy with this newest dlc character addon,i think TC finally figured it out,if your gonna add non canon charcters at least make them something that make sence,like characters that have been know for being in combat roles.I’m not sure RTJ have been in many military operations.

They shouldn’t have added those to begin with. What resemblence does fighting killer robots have to fighting monsters?

Well, it’s better than RTJ for sure. Gears 5 is supposed to be about technology being downfall. It’s similar theme to Terminators.


The weapon skins were ok though.

Looked meh to me. Personal preference.

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Absolutely . My fav weapon skins are the dynamic ones, well that and my London set.

The T800 is a sorta monster in it’s own scary way.

Excellent news,:+1::sunglasses:Is TC going to show us a photo of the new improved versions please

You guys are being really mean to El-P and Killer Mike

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