Royal weapons skins

Are they ever going to become craftable?

Ya TC Octus said that almost all skins will be craftable at some point. The question is just when

once gears 5 is out

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Imo when is probably when they stop supporting Gears 4 and when Gears 5 launches. I dont think they’ll make any skin sets craftable before then.

Also what skin is the OP talking about? Never heard of it before.

OP is talking about the gold and red skins that came out with Skorge, IIRC.

I’m pretty sure they only make weapon skins craftable. I don’t recall ever seeing a pack character made craftable, and I watch the Twitter feeds pretty closely.

i got lucky and got them all with like 10 packs when they first came out but it seem like now it sucks to get them and they are still my fav skin

Queen Myrah set
Raam set
Corpser set
Boomer set
Uir skin set
Uir Elite

are weapon skin sets from packs made craftable