Round time would be nice

as feature request I’d like to see a round timer in Horde.
I think it would be interesting to know and motivate the players to be faster.


Are we talking a timer that shows how long the wave has gone on? Or a timer for how long the wave can last?

The 2nd option wouldn’t work. If all mobs died at the end of a timer I can picture people running the clock instead of actually fighting. If we had a time limit to kill everything or it’s a fail that would upset the character selection even more. Non meta chars without bleed will struggle to kill the beefier units in the later difficulties. This will further encourage people to bring the top 5 characters at all times.

You can see the round timer in the scoreboard during a wave.

And at the end of the wave, I think they should add that back in.

Although Master runs would become more depressing after seeing 4 minute waves.